Art Gallery in Park City – The Provocateur Gallery

Looking for an interesting and unique activity for Saturday evening? Visit the newest art gallery in Park City, the Provocateur Gallery. Provocateur was founded by owner Jake Arnold to enhance local art investments, as well as to offer a comprehensive set of works from across the globe. The focus it to exhibit and source exclusive investment grade art. The gallery is an eclectic mix of thought provoking art from internationally acclaimed and emerging artists.

For their grand opening reception, the newest art gallery in Park City will spotlight “Hollywood’s favorite artist,” Tyler Shields. On Saturday June 15th from 6 pm to 9 pm, the gallery will feature art, food and drinks, as well as a cultural fundraiser. Located at the Redstone Shopping Center just down from J.W. Allen Toys.

For those of you that don’t know Tyler Shield’s work, he is considered the “Andy Warhol of his generation.” Based in Los Angeles, his shift from celebrity photographer to the output of the contemporary art medium, has shined a light on his technical brilliance. Shield’s work is a type of dark romance that “scales the bandwidth of image development.” His art is not about celebrity, it’s about making art.  The Provocateur’s gallery exhibition will explore the sensual side of humankind and will also highlight additional works by Banksy, Helmut Newton and Picasso.

There is no better reason to get out this Saturday then to support the local art scene. Mingle with other art enthusiasts and local investors and enjoy good food and drinks. Visit with Mr. Arnold and learn more about his unique vision and mission statement.

Again, the grand opening event is this Saturday from 6pm to 9pm. Plan on being inspired and provoked.

And on behalf of our team we want to say welcome to the newest art gallery to Park City, the Provocateur Gallery!

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