Our cherished winter visitors, some who have never witnessed a Park City or Deer Valley snow bonanza, often have questions for our long-time locals, skiers and snowboarders. Some of these inquiries, while genuine, are pretty funny when repeated out-loud.

Petting a moose…NOOO!
Local college professor and playwright Annette Velarde told us her favorite question of all time:A visitor walked up to Velarde and asked, “I just saw a moose up the hill, can I pet the moose?” (Consider this our safety disclaimer: no you can’t pet a moose, it will defend itself and protect its offspring.)

Wendy Roberts and Jay Frankenfield are fixtures in and around Park City. They are asked all the time, “So, are y’all polygamists?”

Cancel ski classes…it’s snowing!
Seventeen-year Deer Valley employee Petrine Nielsen heard this funny bone tickler, “Do you cancel ski classes when it’s snowing?”

Silly ski desk questions:
Answering the phone at the ski desk, locals John and Cindy Meyer have enjoyed some unique questions. They entertained us with a few of their “best of all time” calls:
• “Could you give me the ski report for today?” asked a woman. “It’s really snowing where I am.” “Where are you?” Cindy politely asked. The woman responded, “I’m in the parking lot of the resort.”
• “I dropped my white iPhone today while skiing. Can you retrieve it for me?”
• “Could you groom a run for me? I don’t ski powder.”
• “Where are the flat runs located?”

Kids say the darndest things.
Debbie Sebek is a long-time ski instructor and has heard it all. However, she still giggles when recalling the holiday season she was teaching a precocious young student. Sebek asked the child, “Who is Mrs. Claus?” The youngster quickly responded, “Oh, she’s Santa’s maid.” ■

SOURCEAni Robertson
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