There it is. Powerful. Captivating. And unmistakably European.

Bugatti – We are Europe.

The graceful, Laura Montecot-Fruth, stepped right into fashion with her intrinsic characteristics when opening Grace Clothiers on Park City’s Main Street three years ago. Hoping to infuse her sense of style into a town that indulges itself in distinguished appearances, Laura has used her expertise in the fashion industry by importing designer brands from around the globe. Her newest arrival, a tasteful Bugatti line just for men.

Matching style with function, every article in the Bugatti men’s clothing line is made to exacting standards, displaying the quality and craftsmanship consumers would expect from the Bugatti name. The distinguished tailors and artisans are not just fashioning a statement, they are crafting a lifestyle with each piece in the collection. Every piece stands on its own—but as the saying goes—the sum is greater than the parts—when put together as a complete look—the result is spectacular. Elegant, casual and undeniably comfortable.

Laura, who is thrilled about presenting this exclusive line in Park City, finds a beautiful sense of satisfaction in helping guests discover exactly what they desire at Grace Clothiers. Laura understands the importance of making the customers her focus and says, “It’s rewarding to see customers leave with beautiful clothes that they really enjoy and knowing they will come back.” Laura shares further that “It’s not about what I do—it’s about the customer that comes through the door every day and how they feel when they shop with me” with 29 years’ experience in the fashion industry, Laura has built an ever-expanding clientele through a profound appreciation of style and brilliant customer service!
Grace Clothiers is located on 751 Main Street

SOURCETanya Taylor
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