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The wildflowers are blooming on recently thawed peaks, the aspens now green and lush line dirt trails. Like clockwork, nature signals the start of summer once again in Park City. While the transition of the landscape appears routine, there is a feeling reverberating through the town, unlike any of seasons before. After over a year of isolation, people are emerging from their quarantined hibernation ready to bring the pulse back to Park City. This summer is destined to be all about reconnection—with friends, neighbors and mainly, our community. Here are a few ways local shops are seeing the theme of reconnection come to life amongst their patrons.

Coming off the heels of winter and social distancing, people seem to be more excited than ever to be outside. And not only are they participating in the activities they love the most, Black Diamond says they are noticing a general trend with their customers trying out new activities in a quest to spend more time outdoors. “People not only want to be outdoors but there is a longing for a sense of community,” laments Devin Gillette, director of retail. “People are seeking new partners, activities and instruction and really leaning on our staff to help them engage in the communities of the sports we serve.” Whether you are up early for a dawn-patrol peak bagging objective, out for a run at dusk, or walking the dog late at night, the one item customers of all activities can’t leave the store without is the quintessential Black Diamond headlamp.

A social destination by nature, the Historic Park City Alliance and the many small and locally owned businesses that line Main Street have thought up innovative ways to keep visitors connected yet safe this summer. The Alliance will be bringing indoor Park City experiences to the outdoors. “Plan to see an expansion of outdoor dining options from bespoke dining decks and creative interactive experiences along Main Street,” informs Meisha Ross, spokesperson for Historic Park City. The district also welcomes the return of Car Free Sundays and the Gallery Stroll will continue the last Friday of every month until September. Park City residents and visitors alike are hopeful that, as COVID numbers continue to decline, we may even be able to experience the return of other Park City’s famed summer events.

At Grace Clothiers, patrons have been updating their wardrobes in two major, mood-changing ways since the pandemic began. “We couldn’t sell a dress pant even if we wanted to! Most people are looking for comfortable clothes they can wear both with sneakers and heels that they can either dress up or down” said Laura Montecot, owner of Grace Clothiers on Main Street. With the transition from the office to work-from-home, comfortable yet chic clothing is the trend that’s here to stay. Laura also points out another trend, that people come into her store looking for fun patchwork prints and colors, in preparation for what they hope to be a more vibrant summer. “We have more color than ever before in the store. Normally we have more solids and muted colors, but this year is all about fun colors and patterns like neon and tie-dye.” After a year in isolation, wearing comfortable, vibrant colors may be the brightness we can bring while the community learns to reconnect this summer.

SOURCEAmber Qalagari
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