Bundle Up and Head to the Zoo

While most folks hunker down when the snow flies, many animals at Utah’s Hogle Zoo are settling in to enjoy their favorite season:
Winter! The Zoo is a much different experience in the winter but, it’s also one of their best-kept secrets. The Zoo is a winter wonderland …and it’s fun!

The big cats of Asian Highlands are at their best during the cold, winter months. If you only go to the Zoo in July, you likely see the cats napping the hot days away. But most of the cat species in Asian Highlands are from Siberia so they’re designed for the cold. They grow their big beautiful winter coats—2 extra inches of fur! Snow leopard’s bushy tails can double as a scarf to keep their little snouts warm and their large paws act like snow shoes helping them navigate through the snow.

This winter we are excited to see polar bears newcomers Hope and Nora enjoy the cold and snow. And, as you might know from years past, the grizzly bears and seals and sea lions don’t mind the cold at all (plus their water is heated!)

Even the animals that you might think would not like the cold, are actually quite heartier than you think! Th e lions are known to wrestle in the snow and take afternoon naps on their heated concrete patio next to the windows. The elephants also like playing in the snow and their overhead heaters allow for them to come out most days.

So while the Zoo doesn’t off er its regular array of daily programs like in the summer months, the parking is easier, the animals are more active and interested and you have the whole Zoo to yourself.

So bundle up and head to the Zoo!

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