In The Jungle Book, the animals call fire, “the red flower;” something humans can create, but they cannot. Local artists, Daniel Bell and Micah Goddard, created Red Flower Studios so locals and tourists could create blown glass in a hot shop.

Inside the shop, everything was designed and built by Daniel and Micah. These two creators focus on glass and metal. Daniel has been blowing glass for a decade; Micah focuses on welding and metal. Red Flower Studio and Gallery features custom and commissioned pieces including furniture, lights, railings, ornaments, jewelry and more.

The studio offers Create Your Own classes for visitors to make a variety of glass pieces with the assistance of a glass blower. Using their own breath, passion and talent, makers can create pendants, vases, bowl, and orbs.

It’s also the new hot spot for creative gatherings. Red Flower Studios will help host dinners—cooked on hot glass, field trips, date nights, parties and team building events.

In addition, Red Flower relishes in creating extraordinary items for homes and offices. Commissioned pieces include Memory Glass—a way to remember a loved one, chandeliers, wine glasses, bowls, Christmas ornaments, and so much more. All available for purchase.

Co-owner/artist Micah explains, “There’s no limit.”