With a unique sound and engaging lyrics and feel, Heart Pharmacy is capturing listeners’ attention and hearts…

Singer- songwriter Ali Sarijluo formed Heart Pharmacy in 2004 and recently released his third album, Xtablet. The musical project out of Salt Lake City is Acoustic/ Indie/ Electronic based with the high-quality delivery of all original music. Being completely hands on with his music project is what sets Ali apart. Not only does he write, perform, record and engineer his own records himself, but he manages, operates and maintains it all as well.

His creative marketing approach adds to the overall experience of Heart Pharmacy. Those who purchase the Xtablet album will receive their own pill-shaped flash drive that includes ingredients (songs), album artwork, and linear notes. Ali delivers a commitment to fresh and innovative music and style. Order your own copy of Xtablet at heartpharmacy.net.

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