Kimball Art Center’s Latest Exhibition Showcases Unknown Chapters

(Park City, UT) — This month Kimball Art Center will partner with cultural institutions throughout the state of Utah in the celebration of Spike 150. This monumental event honors the completion of the first transcontinental railroad crossing America and celebrates Utah’s role in the event. It was here in Utah, at Promontory Summit, that the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific rails met, uniting our nation with a golden spike.

That’s the narrative everyone knows — the one told frequently and eloquently in our history books. But according to curator Kimball Art Center curator, Nancy Stoaks, there’s much more to the story; and she is proud and humbled to provide artist Zhi Lin with a platform to tell it.

Zhi Lin: “Chinaman’s Chance” on Promontory Summitoffers a different, raw, and less glamorous perspective of American progress,” she noted. “Through his work, Lin captures the compelling, and often heartbreaking, stories of the Chinese immigrants whose contributions to this historic triumph have been largely overlooked and disregarded. His exhibition forces us to open our eyes to an unknown chapter of our country’s history as he unveils the backbreaking labor and little-known sacrifices of the Chinese laborers who worked tirelessly to help complete the transcontinental railroad.”

The exhibition will be on display at Kimball Art Center from April 19 through June 2. During this time Kimball Art Center will be offering a variety of community programming to expand on Lin’s work and the Spike 150 history. Activities include:

Writing the Names, Remembering the Legacy

Saturday, April 13, 10am – 4pm Free

Only 892 names of the more than 10,000 Chinese immigrants who toiled and sacrificed to build in the transcontinental railroad were recorded. On April 13, we will come together and write their names on individual pieces of railroad ballast, which will be used in the exhibition. Through this process of inscription, Lin seeks to reclaim the visibility of these Chinese laborers.

Community Exhibition Reception

Friday, April 19, 6pm – 8pm Free

Meet artist Zhi Lin and celebrate this groundbreaking exhibition about the history of our city, our state, and our nation.

Group Critique Session with Zhi Lin – Painting and Drawing

Saturday, April 20, 10am – 12pm $20

Open to artists of all levels who desire constructive feedback on their artwork. Registration includes a 15-minute critique led by exhibiting artist Zhi Lin. Participants should bring two to three pieces and be prepared to present them (please do not bring any pieces larger than 36 x 48 inches). Critiques will be limited to eight people, but all are welcome to attend the critique session. Only those wanting their work to be critiqued need to register.

Evening for Educators

Thursday, April 25, 6pm – 9pm Free

Join us for an opportunity to explore Lin’s work through teacher-led art workshops, relevant lesson plans, and a guided gallery tour. All educators are welcome to attend. For those who want in-service credit, go through MIDAS to register:

Zhi Lin Artful Afternoon

Friday, April 26, 1pm – 3:30pm $30

Artful Afternoons is an ongoing weekly program for kids ages 6-10. This session will feature activities inspired by the exhibition Zhi Lin: “Chinaman’s Chance” on Promontory Summit. Activities will include rock painting, ink drawing, and lessons in perspective. Drop-ins welcome.

Golden Spike Artful Afternoon

Friday, May 10, 1pm – 3:30pm – $30

Artful Afternoons is an ongoing weekly program for kids ages 6-10. This session will feature activities inspired by the ceremonial final spike to join the rails of our nation’s first transcontinental railroad. Drop-ins welcome.

Read and Re(View) – Kimball Book Club

Thursday, May 16, 7pm Free

Uniting art and literature, Kimball Art Center hosts a book club discussion to help expand understanding of the exhibition and discuss the book: The Fortunes by Peter Ho Davies. 


Contact: Amy Roberts – – 435-659-1164 

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