Salads, Sandwiches and Sushi in Park City


Local dining around Park City continues to reach new heights as executive chefs and gourmet artisans balance divine proteins with seasonal fruits and vegetables and amazing accompaniments. Add these savory salads, sandwiches and sushi to your summer repertoire and you might discover unexpected cravings and flavors.

Costa Roll
This roll is made up of fresh ingredients like tuna, tempura shishito and sprouts. It’s then topped off with avocado for that perfect finishing touch. Rolled futomaki style and drizzled in chili ponzu sauce to give it an extra boost when you bite into this delicious roll. You will not be able to resist eating just one more piece.

Rainbow Roll
This roll is complete with California crab, cucumber and avocado topped off by assorted fresh fish and the delicious pop of tobiko. This sumptuous dish will leave you wanting more.
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Shrimp Taco Salad
The most robust of eaters will be satisfied by this hearty salad. Its bed of organic spring mix is topped with corn and black beans. Add in some radishes for crunch, as well as queso fresco to make sure that each bite delivers flavor. Seasoned shrimp keeps things interesting and is perfectly paired with a creamy cilantro ranch dressing.
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Short Rib Grilled Cheese
This is not your average sandwich. The richness of the shredded short rib coupled with a generous amount of melty white cheddar cheese, savory garlic aioli and bacon jam. It’s the perfect combination of salty, sweet and savory with a hint of nostalgia.
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Nigiri Tuna
This delicious plant-based tuna is created in-house for all Vegan consumers and those that choose not to consume meat. It can be used as Nigiri or inside of sushi rolls.

Stuffed Avocado
If you love avocados, this is the plate to try. The beautifully presented dish is great for anyone who loves the creamy texture, tangy flavor and healthful fat content that comes from avocados. It’s also perfect as an appetizer and can be made with little effort so you have time to enjoy your friends or family while they are still fresh. The best part? It is filled with tuna and crab and doesn’t use any rice, leaving plenty of room in your appetite to enjoy other delicacies.
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Roast Turkey Sandwich
If you’re looking to avoid the common lunchtime pitfalls, then this delicious and unique turkey sandwich is for you. Made with a luscious Stone Ground Bakery Brioche Bun and full of local artisan ingredients, such as Pepperlane Cran-Peno jelly and Heber Valley Artisan Fuego Verde cheese, it doesn’t get much better than this. Expect a spicy kick from the spicy aioli sauce complimented perfectly by avocado slices on top.
Gourmet American Cuisine | Dine-in + Takeout + Delivery

Player Roll
Enjoy a local favorite often ordered by those who know what they like. The tempura shrimp with avocado roll has an unforgettable taste combination of fresh flavors in every bite, with its spicy mayo sauce applied heavily on top for extra spice; it also includes tuna fish filets and eel sauce. And don’t forget about all those tiny gemstones called “tobiko.”

Chuck F’n Norris
For those who love spicy food, this is a must-have. The delicious and unique roll includes shrimp and mix crab and is topped with yellowtail, avocado and cilantro. Jalapeno peppers inside the roll brings an extra kick to your taste buds. A side order of Habanero ups the spice level to something amazing without overwhelming the other spectacular flavors.
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Seared Ahi Tuna Salad
With a unique burst of flavors, this innovative salad balances seared ahi tuna slices with tomatoes, onions and mandarin oranges. The whipped balsamic dressing completes the dish with a refreshing zest you will adore. Complement the salad with Roasted Mozzarella Focaccia brushed with olive oil and garlic, topped with grated mozzarella and fired in a wood burning oven.
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