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A home is defined as, “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household,” and to some people it’s just that, a structure to live in. Paul Berman, president of Big Canyon Homes, sees it differently. “For us, we’re a client-driven company, it’s all about our clients. Our goal is to meet or exceed their expectations. If the quality of life in your house exceeds the quality of life outside of your house, we met our objective.”

The family-based company has about 15 folks who have been there from the start, “all great guys doing the same thing every day.” Because they’re selective about which projects they take on, they are also selective about the team. Luckily, Berman said, even those that aren’t family feel like they are. In the next few years, two of his three sons who are partners in the company plan to take over.

In 2005, Berman started his luxury home building company, Big Canyon Builders, which has since grown to be Big Canyon Homes. The luxury custom home builder focuses on high-efficiency homes and using green building applications to do so. Berman previously worked in construction and always enjoyed the building, but wanted a greater challenge with more complex homes.

Focusing on Park City, the construction company works hand-in-hand with architects, offering interior design options and working in conjunction with architectural designers. However, there are no limitations—it boils down to what the clients’ needs and expectations are, including expanding to other areas like Snow Basin and Wyoming. With over 200 homes built, and a team of about 15 people, Big Canyon Homes works on only about 12 projects at a time.

“We don’t see the company getting any bigger just because of the expectations of our clients, and us personally, we are more about quality than quantity,” Berman said. “I think our future plans are just to continue to do the stuff we’re doing, to build luxury and have the opportunity to build houses with the latest and greatest technology.”

To best serve the client, a build begins with an interview.

Architects, engineers and interior designers are then brought in to go through conceptual drawings and construction documents before putting a shovel in the ground, a process that typically takes about three to nine months. Depending on the scope and scale of the house, the build-out time from start to completion is anywhere from 12 to 14 months.

Big Canyon Homes - Park City

In a post-COVID world, many client concerns have changed, and that includes within the housing market. With increased focus on health and air quality, Big Canyon Homes is ahead of the game. Berman said the company “hangs their hat” on building highly efficient homes with good air quality, steam humidification, zone heating and cooling and tuneable lighting features, to name a few. They’re creating houses “healthier on the inside than outside.”

“My favorite project was one we did off Old Ranch Road in Park City,” Berman said. “We built the whole ecosystem including two ponds and a running stream.” In addition to building the future of homes, Berman and the company are also investing in the local Park City community with the Big Canyon Homes Foundation, a non-profit associated with the company. Originally inspired by a house built with the Make a Wish Foundation, the vision to give back has grown. Last year, the foundation raised over $300,000, and this year they plan to give 12 scholarships on top of a $50,000 community contribution.

“We’ve been fortunate to be able to give back and it really does something for us,” Berman said. “There’s nothing better than the feeling when you help other people.”

“Honestly, I love my job and so does everybody on my team,” Berman said. “To me it’s almost like going on vacation most of the time; I’m excited to get up and go to work. There’s days that it’s a drag but for the most part, I enjoy the heck out of it. I don’t need to self-motivate—it pretty much comes with the job description.”

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