Winter is a beautiful time at Utah’s Hogle Zoo!

In fact, many of the same animals you’d see in the summer are outside and active even during the cold, snowy months.

Winter is the best time to see the big cats of the Asian Highlands. Amur tiger, Amur leopard, Pallas cats, Siberian lynx and snow leopards grow gorgeous, thick winter coats and are very comfortable in the cooler temperatures, because these animals are from areas of the world with cold climates. And, they’re more active during the cooler months!

The bears of Rocky Shores and the new red pandas don’t mind the frost either.

Additionally, thanks to the heated concrete and overhead heaters, most of the “warm weather” residents come outside even during very cold weather. Th e lions and elephants love “rough housing’ in the snow. And the seals and sea lions frolic in and out of their heated pools all winter long.

Of course, if you humans get chilly, there are plenty of places throughout the zoo to warm up and enjoy a toasty cup of delicious hot chocolate!

So bundle up and visit the Zoo! Utah’s Hogle Zoo!