Welcome to Bene Esse’ Wellness Center, where your health and wellbeing are our greatest priority.

We work closely with our clients to alleviate their personal suffering, whether it be caused by physical pain or symptoms, degenerative disorders, or emotional and mental conditions. And we’re getting great results, as evidenced by our client testimonials. We challenge the concept that people must accept and live with disease conditions that cause them and those they love needless suffering and disappointment. As the owner of Bene Esse’ Wellness Center and an RN for 27 years, it’s past time to say “Enough” to debilitating disorders.

Our healing concept is based on the scientific fact that all things are made up of energy, and energy frequencies can interact with each other in either helpful or harmful ways. Sadly, the pollutants, toxins and negative emotions that surround us can flatten or alter our health sustaining, unique energy patterns. If left in a state of unbalance, our bodies and minds can start to malfunction, and disease symptoms can develop.

The Harmonic Egg is a resonance therapy chamber that uses the powerful frequencies of light, color, sounds, musical chords and intention, enhanced by the shape of the chamber, to provide deep healing on a cellular and system level, flooding your body with healing frequencies during sessions designed to meet your individual needs. It’s a pain free, drug free profoundly relaxing and life altering healing experience.Do you suffer from stress, daily pressures, deadlines and the symptoms that chronic stress causes? We can help you. The Harmonic Egg can rebalance your autonomic nervous system, overcome the symptoms of nervous system disorders and leave you relaxed and uplifted.

Do you suffer from pain, autoimmune disorders or chronic, degenerative diseases? We can help you regain your life. Because Harmonic Egg sessions jump start cellular healing, those with injuries may also recover faster. Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, fatigue, brain fog and various emotional challenges? Harmonic Egg sessions can help you feel joy and vitality again.For people dedicated to self-care, the Harmonic Egg can support your personal detoxification and chakra balancing goals, to turbo-charge your ability to overcome self-doubt and self-sabotaging behavior, gain confidence, feel empowered and become the best version of yourself.We’re ready to serve you, your families and friends. (Including pets- ask us how!) Your needs are unique- you deserve a healing therapy like no other.
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Monday — Saturday, 10:00am – 7:00pm

1912 Sidewinder Dr. Suite 100
Park City, Utah, 84060


info@beneessewc.com , 801.341.9271

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