Jackson Sterling, the co-founder of Newpark’s Sterling Steak and Lounge, is no stranger to the hospitality business. In fact, he was raised in it, and by the time he was 15, Sterling was managing a 2,500-seat brunch.

Partner in business and father to Jackson, Lance Sterling, is a restaurateur and entrepreneur that passed on his love for music and food to his children. He was a vital partner in the House of Blues franchise and went on to open The Canyon Club and other notable establishments ingrained in the music scene.

Jackson Sterling’s experience in the industry led him to create the New York-style steakhouse concept that differs from what he grew up around; he emphasizes community, music and mouthwatering food. Sterling Steak and Lounge caters to Park City locals in its atmosphere, vibe and décor. The stunning copper bar, rock walls and inviting fireplace will make anyone want to settle in for hours.

“I was raised in this industry that focused on music, and I slowly gravitated towards the food side of the business while knowing that the music portion is indispensable. This concept is something I truly believe in and, from my experience, have never seen before. My family has been in the business for quite a while, and although the concept and company are different, we’re always there for each other. I think of us as a team.”

Sterling Steak and Lounge aims to add a vibrant nightlife experience to Kimball Junction’s repertoire. It will have live music from local artists seven nights a week accompanying an impressive array of locally-sourced (whenever possible) steaks, game, seafood and craving-worthy sides like lobster mashed potatoes. Sterling wants the restaurant to be a welcoming, lively gathering spot for Parkites. “My hope is for the locals to have the option of having a nice steak and/or a seafood dinner along with music without having to traverse the crowded downtown,” he explains.

The steakhouse and lounge serves dinner nightly from 4 pm to 10 pm, and offer tapas from 10 pm to 12 am for those night owls and music lovers. Sterling hopes that locals, families, and visitors will come back time and time again, if not only for the food but the live music and ambiance too.

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