Allen Lund of Lund’s Fine Art

Allen Lund did not choose art. Art chose him. This may be the definitive mark of those who are blessed with an abundance of natural talent in their blood. Even though both of his parents were accomplished professional artists, Allen made every effort to walk down other roads of life that did not look as rocky or steep. Yet, the canvas continually pulled him back. Finally, he acquiesced to his calling’s pleas and gave himself fully to his painting. Since then, there has been no separation between his life and his painting. “My painting is my life,” said Lund. “How can you separate the heart from the body, the mind from the soul? ”

It is easy to see Lund’s creative evolution through his years as a painter. Over time, his work has grown from wild, absorbing abstracts to passionate, deeply textured portraits of nature, and now softer, more grace-filled panoramas. Each period’s work elicits stirring emotions, inviting the observer to sense the feelings of the scene as if they were standing inside it themselves.

93After spending years traveling the art show circuits with his wife and business partner, Debbie Lund, Allen decided the time was right to open a gallery of his own. His paintings hang in homes and galleries all over the world, but having an address where his enthusiasts know for certain they can view his work at any time completes a lifelong goal. “In fact, this gallery is an aspiration held by our whole family,” said Debbie. “Every artist our gallery features is either family or a very dear friend. People are blown away by the variety of art, jewelry, pottery, and more that we offer.”

Debbie and Allen make no bones that this business venture is very personal. For them, there is no distinction between the heart Allen puts into his painting and the heart they offer each and every patron. “Life is made profound by the moments we allow ourselves to connect to others. I want my paintings to touch people at their core, just the way I want to personally connect with every individual I meet, ” said Allen. “That’s when meaning is created, and meaning is the difference between truly living and just existing.”

The Lunds invite you to visit them in their new gallery located at 591 Main St. in Park City. Plan on spending a few relaxing minutes getting to know some of the most amiable people you could ever hope to meet and taking in art that will leave you deeply moved. There may even be a painting that chooses you.

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