By Alex Frisch

306aUtah’s Hogle Zoo is proud to bring Zoorassic Park back for a summer long encore! Those incredible and fascinating prehistoric predators — dinosaurs — will be back to wander the grounds and excite visitors of all ages!

Over thirteen giant Sauropods, Theropods and Ceratops representing species from multiple eras will be roaring back to life at the Hogle Zoo. Beginning Friday, May 1st and operating daily through the end of September, this larger than life exhibit will be sure to please. Why dinosaurs? We all know that kids love dinosaurs!

Children from around the country will be immersed in the prehistoric world as they walk around the Zoo grounds in awe at the intricacy and dynamics of each and every dinosaur. Beware: some even have the capabilities to shoot water! Marvel at the bony-plated Stegosaurus, the fierce Carnotaurus, Utah’s own Diabloceratops and the king of all dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Youngsters can play paleontologist and search for bones at the Dino Dig, the dig site where kids can excavate fossils and search for clues about the world of dinosaurs.

So come stop by Utah’s Hogle Zoo this summer season for thrills, chills, and endless family fun. Learn why extinction is forever and more importantly, what you and your family can do to help save today’s animals from suffering the same fate as the dinosaurs.

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