Hakuna Matata at the Hogle Zoo

Warthogs venture onto the Savanna in 2019!

Two young warthogs joined the Hogle Zoo family in the spring. They’re still little guys and they’re adorable. These are the real-life version of Pumbaa from Disney’s Lion King, but wartier and less inclined to break out in song.

Warthogs have large, flat heads that are covered with “warts” that are actually protective bumps. Th e Zoo’s warthogs are young but they’ll eventually grow tusks—four of them.

Did you know warthogs can run surprisingly fast at speeds up to 30 miles per hour!

And you might be thinking—what’s a warthog without a meerkat? Good question! Meerkats are moving near the Savanna this summer as well!

Our ‘mob’ of meerkats is getting new digs—literally—at the west end of Savanna. Yes, meerkats are diggers; they burrow and can create extensive tunnel systems that all connect. They’re also known for that ‘hey, what’s going on?’ posture. Meerkats are famous for standing on their rear legs to check things out and see what’s going on.

Hakuna Matata anyone?

Also new this summer, WASHED ASHORE—an art exhibit featuring 15 sculptures made entirely out of plastic waste found in our oceans. Every piece of plastic ever created is still in existence today. Plastics pose a threat to marine wildlife in a multitude of ways. Many animals, such as turtles and whales, mistake plastics for food. This can lead to choking, injuries or starvation.

Many of the sculptures are nine feet tall and from six- to fifteen-feet long!

WASHED ASHORE is included with regular Hogle Zoo admission or valid Zoo membership, May 24th–September 31st.