Dear Heber Valley, 

As the coronavirus continues to shift our daily lives, the Heber Valley Chamber has been working hard to create and share information about our local businesses. It’s in times like these that we remember those that operate our local businesses are our friends and neighbors. Together we can all come through these interesting times more connected, more resilient, and much better than before. 

Open Heber Valley – 

Beginning today, each Monday the Chamber will send out a list of all the businesses that are open in the valley, we’re calling it OPEN HEBER VALLEY. The list will include adjusted business hours, special instructions, and contact information for those businesses. Consider shopping local as much as possible and practical to help our local economy. 

This list is updated frequently by the business owners. By Visiting you can always find the live version of the open businesses in Heber Valley. 

All Businesses Welcome! 

We’d like to encourage all businesses, regardless of chamber membership to use the OPEN HEBER VALLEY document. To that end, all business owners are welcome to submit edits to the list. If you are a business owner and interested in sharing your information please fill out this brief form, so we can invite you to edit the document. 

Heber Valley Activity Sheets 

Finally, as a little fun gift for the youngsters in the home we have created some Heber Valley coloring and activity sheets. We’d love to see your creativity with these sheets. You can post the to the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce Facebook page or tag the chamber in your post so we can share! Activity Sheet Download.

Heber Valley Chamber

475 N Main Street, Heber City, Utah 84032.

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