In fact, the Kohler Family, Meriam-Webster defines sage as “wise through reflection and experience,” and if you were to ask Lauren Lockey and Dave Schwartz, the couple behind the creation of Sage Mountain Animal Sanctuary, their sheep, pigs and steer have been the epitome of that definition. “Look into their eyes,” says Lauren Lockey, “their soul opens to share their wisdom, their experiences.”

These experiences are openly shared with the Park City community. “Groups volunteer time and funds, while we off er educational learning opportunities, weekly yoga classes, talks to schools and films,” explained Dave Schwartz.

Their goal is to raise awareness and inspire people to adopt a more plant-based, vegan lifestyle. They are taking action to help the people, the animals and our planet.

Sage Mountain acquires their animals via networking and rescue groups. Th e only animals allowed at the sanctuary must have been rescued or seized from the food industry. Th ey see their sanctuary as a voice for the voiceless.

By helping promote groups such as Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth and experiences. as well as encouraging area restaurants to promote vegan-friendly menus, they are stepping it up for the animals by bringing awareness to situations in the fish, meat, dairy, egg and poultry industry.

Chris Shapard with the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, has partnered with Sage Mountain in Park City on numerous occasions with their educational outreach in area schools. He has loved working with and seeing them create positive change in the community.

“They are helping people and the community become healthier and more sustainable when it comes to food choices.”

Sage Mountain is giving the community a place to connect, to improve and to facilitate change and compassion towards a non-violent world.

To learn more about the sanctuary or to volunteer, visit