By Amy Roberts

64The lifts are motionless and the snow is gone. But that certainly doesn’t mean the delight of schussing down a mountain has to be several months away. For those who longboard the rush is available year-round. In fact, fun is as close as the nearest stretch of pavement.

As a sport, longboarding has grown tremendously in the last decade. In part because longboards are more stable at higher speeds, there’s more room on the board and they have softer wheels than their skateboard counterparts, resulting in a better grip.

“Longboards are designed for carving turns more than freestyle, which appeals to a much larger demographic,” noted Polly Hopkins, creative director at RAMP Sports, a local manufacturer of longboards.

While best known for their award-winning eco-friendly skis and snowboards (they’re made of bamboo, right here in Park City), Hopkins says the longboards RAMP makes are quickly gaining ground on their winter gear counterparts.

“They’re very popular with people who love to ski and snowboard,” added Hopkins. “The feeling is similar, but you don’t have to hike for a snow patch in the summer to get it. Longboarding has a much longer season, and it’s not as weather dependent.”

RAMP has released four models to meet specific interests and requirements of the major types of riding. The company’s boards offer something for everyone — from the casual rider to the professional.


64b1. THE PEACEPIPE.  A 45-inch bamboo longboard that covers all kinds of riding styles — from high-speed cruising to downhill carving.

2. THE TUMBLEWEED. RAMP’s hybrid board with the length and stability for high speed and the responsive quick nature of a classic freestyle deck.

3. THE MUSSEL. A classic mini- cruiser that can do it all and then fit in your hand for the crush of the commute or walk to class.

4. THE KAPOW. The longest of the longboards, the Kapow will make you feel like you’re surfing in the streets. Use as a Paddle- skateboard for dry-land stand up paddling.

For more information about each of these longboards, visit

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