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When winter rolls around in Park City, it brings twinkly holiday lights, cozy nights by the fireplace and days spent in the feet upon feet of fluffy snow. Though the fun can’t be beat, the sore legs and pain from muscles put to test can be conquered. Park City and Midway spas offer a wide range of massages focused on winter sport recovery and general relaxation when the snowflakes fly. The options we discovered provide their own unique, local twist.

Hotel Park City, located on SR-224 on your way toward Old Town, offers a Peak LegMountain | Massage Bliss Redemption massage, which is just as heavenly as it sounds. Anti-inflammatory oils are used, mainly arnica, to help with bruising, swelling, inflammation and pain in the legs. Throughout the massage, cooling gels are used. Finally, both legs are covered in a magnesium wrap to help soothe muscles and pull out the tension. “It truly is phenomenal,” said Laura Sipe, a massage therapist at Hotel Park City. “It is my favorite treatment to have done on myself. Because it’s a cooler [temperature] bodywork technique, it’s really fun to do as well.” If you find yourself coming off the mountain with sore legs, knee injuries or any other typical winter pains, stop at Hotel Park City to smooth things out and relieve tension.


Mountain | Massage Bliss
Photography provided by Stein Ericksen Lodge

About halfway up the Deer Valley Resort ski trails sits Stein Ericksen Lodge, a classic cottage-style inn that transports you right to the Swiss Alps, but in the heart of Utah. This Forbes Five-Star spa specializes in Vichy shower treatments, including The Fireside Toast. This treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation using a Bourbon Bubbler sugar scrub. While the scrub is rinsed with the Vichy showerhead, notes of roasted chestnuts come through the heated infused towel draped around your neck. This service concludes with a unique Honey Chai Lotion to lock in hydration. But the best part is that the pampering doesn’t end there. “Our newest addition to the spa includes newly fitted Himalayan salt walls in our dry saunas to promote circulation and assist with respiratory conditions,” said Spa Director Jaimie Peterson. “Coming up for our winter offerings, we will have services using the Spa Dream quartz table. Heated spherical quartz beads envelop the body to promote complete inner relaxation as if you’re lying on a heated marine beach, and not in the middle of snow-covered mountains.”

Outside of Park City, on a gorgeous plot of land, sits The Lodge at Blue Sky, an out-of-this-world resort built right into the earth to make guests feel totally grounded. Edge Spa, another Forbes Five-Star, is just as unique and offers treatments like the High West Whiskey Rubdown. “This service will indeed be offered again this winter, it’s one of our more popular treatments,” said Jessica Cook, area director of sales and marketing at The Lodge at Blue Sky. “In addition to using High West Whiskey, made right on our own property in small batches, it also features evaporated salts from the Great Salt Lake, which are very mineral-rich and great for the skin, as well as mountain sage that has been wild harvested from our property.” The High West Whiskey Rubdown is perfect for the client who loves a sweet mix of features such as a foot soak, warm towel compressions, muscle liniment, foot scrub and scalp invigorator to complement a massage combined with a little spice from a shot of whiskey.

Go a bit farther down Highway 40, and you’ll run into the charming, picturesque town of Midway, home of Zermatt Resort. What makes this place so fascinating and appealing, especially being a bit removed from the ski areas? This Swiss-inspired resort is home to four-star comfort, lavish dining experiences and a location conveniently nestled between
Park City and Sundance. Aft er a long day on the mountain, coming back to Th e Spa at Zermatt and a Warm Bamboo Massage is a dream come true. “Hot stones are very popular, but bamboo is unique,” said Spa Manager Chelsea Lester. “Th e bamboo provides a different experience, almost like that with your hands. I’ve never seen it on another menu.” The 90-minute treatment features specialized, smooth bamboo sticks of all diff erent sizes that are warmed in hot towels and rolled over all the muscles in the body. Th is helps promote circulation, sensory nerve perception and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. These four treatments at hotel spas are just a sampling of what is available for pampering and recovery this winter. It’s fair to say Park City and the Heber Valley boast some of the world’s best powder and best powder recovery as well.

Mountain | Massage Bliss
Photography provided by The Lodge at Blue Sky
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