Inspired Summit Adventures

Combining the inspiration of the natural landscape and beauty surrounding Park City with a desire to share her passion in its powers, Shaun Raskin created a company aptly named Inspired Summit Adventures (ISA). As a certified wellness coach and mountain guide with over 10 years of experience, she provides guided mountain adventures, organic, plant-based cooking classes, and customized retreat packages.

“When I began Inspired Summit Adventures, I wanted to create an experience for my clients where I could share with them a healthy, mindful mountain lifestyle. So I have created these highly personalized and customizable programs to give visitors and locals alike an opportunity to experience something truly unique where they can walk away with something substantial. Whether it is a change in perspective, a new skill, an ‘Aha!’ moment, or a personal goal achieved, ISA is about harnessing the power of our natural landscape and walking away with something profound.”

With planned mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing there are activities perfect for a wide variety of interests and skill levels. Raskin and her team of guides have plenty of options for adventure, whether for individuals or groups, and over 400 miles of trails in the Park City area to choose from. She offers half or full day adventures with the opportunity to explore our areas stunning terrain and gorgeous mountains, forests, and wildlife.

The adventures don’t end on the trail. “Inspired Kitchen” was born out of ISA’s philosophy of balanced and sustainable living. These private, organic plant- based cooking classes are all about having fun in the kitchen and celebrating healthy foods with big flavor that will fuel any mountain activity. “Mindful mountain adventures start with setting ourselves up for success” says Raskin, “and these private cooking classes do just that.” Geared towards any foodie or novice home cook, “Inspired Kitchen” is all about cooking with intuition and serving up some high octane fun.
Many other exciting programs are also offered including private and corporate retreats that feature a combination of mountain activities, cooking classes, yoga, and wellness.

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