Life is meant to be enjoyed, to be celebrated whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes that means taking quiet moments alone to reflect on the gratitude you hold for the abundant life you live. Other times, that means yourself to possess something that serves no other purpose than giving you pleasure. It is in your appreciation of a fine cigar or diamond bracelet that they are transformed from extravagance into celebration. We think that makes these items necessities—things you should not live without.

Cahoots Cigars and Gifts

There are many who would say a good cigar is one of the greatest luxuries in life. To that end, Cahoots, located in the Snowcreek Shopping Center, carries an A to Z selection of Old World Cigar Families. Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Cohiba, Hoyo Excaliburs, Macanudos, Romeo & Julietta, and Zino are just a few names from which you may choose. They also carry a wonderful array of fine pipe tobaccos.

38aParallel Wine
As E.E. Cummings said, our lips may drink water, but our hearts drink wine. Park City claims Parallel Wine as its own because:
A) The partners’ group hails from here and, B) It is one of the most award-winning wines to come on the market in the past decade. Smooth and luscious, these are wines that are the perfect pairing for any meal, but especially on those occasions you mark as significant. Is there any greater luxury than saluting your host or welcoming your guests with the one of the finest wines money can buy?

38cBurn’s Cowboy Shop
Located at 361 Historic Main Street, Burn’s Cowboy Shop uses only the finest leathers from around the world to craft their boots and leather accessories. The perfection of comfort and functionality is achieved with expert craftsmanship and innovative designs. These flawless pieces of art are boots that not only look and feel great, but that also last forever.

39aOC Tanner

There is nothing in this world that compares to the luxury of fine jewelry. O.C. Tanner Jewelers, located on Historic Main Street, always dazzles their clientele with works of jewel-studded art that are treasured for a lifetime. This is where love unites with luxury to express what words cannot. Something as pure as a diamond bracelet becomes a meaningful keepsake of a special occasion or conveys our deepest sentiments when given from the heart.


Having heard men’s pleas from across the ages for a better way, J.HILBURN custom clothier is revolutionizing the way men buy their clothes. Never go to a mall again. Never endure another moment in an uncomfortable shirt. Get exactly what you want, designed for you alone, and never pay more than it’s worth. Local J.HILBURN stylists Melisa Miller and Lisa Ingalls will meet you where and when it’s convenient for you to consult on fitting, let you choose from their vast array of luxuriant Italian fabrics, and promise to deliver the best fitting shirt you’ve ever worn! And that’s only the beginning—they also offer custom-fitted trousers, suits, and jackets. Contact


Meyer Gallery
The unsung heroes of society are the business people who keep the river of commerce flowing so all may prosper. In celebration of them, Meyer Gallery at 305 Historic Main Street, is featuring works that capture their every day resolve and strength of character. Perfect for any CEO’s office, they remind the owner that someone does recognize them for who they truly are.

39cMontage Deer Valley
Nestled high in the crisp, clean air of the Wasatch Mountains is Montage Deer Valley, surrounded by woodlands that reach as far as the eye can see. To echo this, they have formulated a line of signature personal care products that feature the tartness of lemon, the freshness of Italian verbena, and earthiness of cedar. This complex, invigorating scent is available in a wide range of products, all made from the highest quality natural ingredients.

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