While Park City’s cold winter weather brings fresh powder to the slopes, occasionally the reality of freezing temperatures makes one dream of faraway places. Just an hour away in Lindon is THE VOID, a virtual reality playhouse. Their goal is to take quests beyond the limits of reality into a rich, immersive experience engaging all of your senses.

Sarah McDonough explains, “THE VOID is a great experience for families to enjoy together at any time of the year. During the winter months, for less than the cost of half-day passes to a local ski resort, the entire family can head over to THE VOID and share a thrilling experience beyond their wildest dreams.”

They use interactive sets along with high-tech gear to create immersive experiences that everyone can enjoy. Participants leave The Ghostbusters Dimension exclaiming, “I could smell the sweetness of the marshmallow man when he exploded,” and “I could taste it.”

Unlike any other form of entertainment, the experiences in THE VOID are both social and multi-sensory. McDonough continues, “Our experiences inspire the exploration of endless new worlds and dimensions, allowing you to engage with them and live in them.”

THE VOID experiences allow up to four participants simultaneously. Guests must be 48” tall and 10 year old to enjoy THE VOID.Together, guests discover new worlds and build memories of having gone somewhere together, without ever leaving Utah.

As new experiences, dimensions and adventures are made available, their hours of operation will shift to accommodate them. Each experience from THE VOID varies in length. Ticket pricing varies by experience, but not by age. The latest information can be found following THE VOID on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Often, the term “virtual reality” connotes the idea of video games and uncomfortable equipment.


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