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It’s day one of your dream trip to Park City. You’ve relished your first sun-drenched, cloudless day of powder and are ready for a relaxing, yet exciting night on Main Street. But instead of searching to find the right spot, reservations, transportation, a babysitter and more, it’s already all taken care of.

“If you can dream it, we can make it happen.” — Alex Campbell, Owner of RTT Concierge Services, My Continental Club

JUST IMAGINE… A private car and driver transport you to Main Street the moment you’re ready. “Just how long will we wait to sit at this ideal spot?” remarks your doubting friend. You are immediately seated on the rooftop at a private wine bar overlooking Old Town’s action below. A second later, someone offers your favorite wine — that’s not available anywhere in Utah by the way — and describes the menu of wines sourced from around the world and only accessible to a select few with connections. Today, that’s you. You raise a glass to toast this magical night, and here comes your appetizers: delicacies that include fresh lobster flown in from New England last night.

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Did I just hear my morning alarm go off? The best part is that you don’t have to wake up. You are only at the beginning of an unforgettable vacation in the hands of a team of concierge experts arranging every last detail from transportation, lodging and dining (including in-home dinner parties with private chefs) to excursions, shopping, VIP access and more. In Park City, Campbell envisioned a spot where guests could be ensured truly one-of-a-kind experiences. “The Onyx Wine Lounge was born with the idea that members of My Continental Club, a private VIP concierge club, could always be guaranteed a prime spot on Main Street, along with unique wines and culinary creations as a constant,” he said. Members can even use private lockers on site to store their vacation treasures, including expertly sourced international spirits, while enjoying an evening on the town. Campbell described how his experience has shown that once discerning travelers discover Park City, they’ll be back. “We make sure their next visits are just as unforgettable and unique as the first.”

“Because every moment counts.” — Crysta Wolfe, Concierge, Summit Luxury Vacations

Mountain | Personal ConciergesYou decide on a whim to escape to Park City … like right now. A driver picks you up and delivers you and your guest to the private jet awaiting your arrival. You land, breathe in the crisp, fresh air and are offered your favorite champagne, along with an expertly designed itinerary to begin a mountain adventure. You are driven up the mountain to a dream home stocked with everything needed, whichMountain | Personal Concierges turns out to be quite a lot since you packed in only 15 minutes. Your concierge team has thought of everything, including what you never realized you might need. But alas, you awake at 2 a.m. with a serious craving for Oreos and milk on a blanket by the glowing fireplace. Dare you ask? She did say call at any time, didn’t she? A few minutes later the concierge arrives, and you begin a monumental aftermidnight snack to remember. “It all comes down to a value judgment,” said Wolfe. “And our clients have discovered that time is the most important commodity they have during precious vacation escapes, as well as the one thing they can never create more of in the future.” Anticipating what guests realize they need, and then reaching far beyond that becomes the ultimate goal. For example, a guest may request help packing a picnic lunch, but a concierge extraordinaire turns that into an opportunity to wow or better yet to allow a guest to earn lifetime points from their loved one with a dreamy spread of champagne and charcuterie brought up the side of the mountain by goats, complete with packs carrying culinary treasures. The destination is a romantic hilltop spot perfect for anything from a wedding proposal, special anniversary or just because this is vacation. And perhaps there’s a professional photographer behind the scenes to capture the moment as well. If the plan includes a special concert that could mean hours waiting in line to reserve a ticket, there’s a better solution. Your new best friend concierge sometimes waits all day for you to save you from that hassle and use of valuable vacation time.

“Luxury must be comfortable.” — Rachel
Alday, Owner of Abode Park City

Mountain | Personal COncierges
Photography Provided by Adobe Park City

You’re already soaking up the sheer splendor of an exquisite mountain vacation home with views to die for from every angle, a cozy fire crackling in the background and room for an army bigger than the one you’re currently hosting, and you realize it would be the perfect time to have a grand celebration dinner to commemorate the occasion. You’ll need a private chef that specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine. Done. Specialty custom cocktails for your guests. Check. A chocolate fountain just for fun. Oh … and a belly dancer for extra flair and entertainment. Tonight. Check and check and all prepared for amazing, seamless experience curated perfectly to your desires and beyond. Just another day in the life of the concierge
team at Abode Park City.

Mountain | Personal ConciergesAlday began the business with her husband 15 years ago after experiencing firsthand what it was like to be a second homeowner in Park City. She decided to initiate the guest-focused experience she desired and recreated the caliber of concierge expertise you might find at a five-star hotel. “Staying in a luxury vacation home should also come with the comforts and indulgences of ski butlers, transportation service and meals delivered to your doorstep or prepared by a chef right in your kitchen, along with amazing activity planning and restaurant reservations,” she emphasized. Sam Rubin, part of the concierge team at Abode Park City, added, “It’s sometimes about having the right soy milk, Honey Nut Cheerios and baby gear ready for your little one the moment you arrive, yet so much more,” he said. “We make sure all the moving parts come together, starting with a concierge consultation call after booking to discover your needs and wishes, arrange unique activities and are available every step of the way, including getting everyone safely back to the airport.” The family-owned business is committed to delivering luxury with authenticity. “It’s really all the personalized planning that happens behind the scenes that makes the difference,” emphasized Alday. The only way these concierge companies make such amazing experiences happen, even at the last minute, is due to years of building relationships. These connections make it possible to make big things happen, sometimes with only a moment’s notice.

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