By Annette Velarde

The high altitude and cold temperatures of Park City make for great snow, but can promote wrinkles so quickly that our faces look like a Deer Valley groomed ski run in no time. It only takes a few days of exposing our skin to the forces of winter to learn that we need an expert’s help to know how to best protect it without giving up our love of the outdoors. The area’s spas are great resources for information, but they all chant the same mantra: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Every esthetician we interviewed said a high-quality moisturizer was the foundation to keeping your skin beautiful. In addition, they each gave us some of their favorite tips and products that keep our faces soft and supple.

beauty2Whether you’re a full-time Parkite or a visitor, ZANTÉ SPA in Deer Valley is a skin-care center you will love. Owner Patricia Damon knows from personal experience how the cold, dry weather of Park City can cause your skin to become rough or dull more quickly than it does at other times of the year. “If you start to see fine lines appear, be aware that this is your skin’s cry for help,” said Damon. “Like most health issues, a little prevention can thwart more difficult problems from showing up down the road.” Zanté offers a one-hour facial that is specifically designed to treat winter skin. The Hydralessence Facial is ahigh-performance treatment that quickly helps to restore your skin’s balance, suppleness, and softness. The powerful softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts are used in two refreshing masks applied during the treatment. The first mask includes a facial massage with a fine aromatic mist that lifts dead skin cells and restores excellent circulation. The second application uses acclaimed Yon-Ka products that are restorative and hydration reactivating. Your skin will be renewed, soothed, and rebalanced.

Dr. Renato Saltz, prominent Utah plastic surgeon and owner of SPA VITORIA had this to say about winter skin care: “It used to be that surgery was the only option that ensured lasting results.

67aToday, advanced lasers, highly effective medical spa treatments, and science- based products are highly effective in managing many age-management challenges.” Patty McIntosh, Park City lead Master Esthetician for Spa Vitoria Park City, has had over 25 years of experience in helping women choose the right skin care path for them. “One of the most common problems I see with winter skin is that people forget about sunscreen,” said McIntosh. “When it is cloudy out, people think the sun’s rays that damage their skin are blocked, but this could not be further from the truth. I recommend that people actually put on a more protective sunscreen and moisturizer during cold weather than warm. Also, this is the time of year to consider more aggressive skin treatments such as peels and laser treatments.” Patty also recommends TNS Essential Serum by Skin Medica to help prevent and sometimes even reverse the signs of over-exposed skin. This “miracle in a bottle” commonly reduces visible wrinkles and enhances skin’s texture and tone in as little as 30 days.

Sarah Paladini, lead esthetician for THE SPA AT HOTEL PARK CITY, says a professional skin analysis is the essential first step when caring for your skin during the winter months. “We find many people assume they have dry skin, but after examining it under magnification we find they don’t have dry skin, but dehydrated skin. The approach to treating these two conditions is very different.” Any skin type, dry, oily, or combination, easily becomes dehydrated at high altitudes. This can cause even oily skin types to flake and show areas of reddened irritation. Applying moisturizer meant for a different skin type may compound the inflammation problems. “We recommend that our clients begin with a professional exfoliation customized for their skin type. That way we can examine the unobstructed skin’s pore size, oily or dry patches, or any other problems that flaking, dehydrated skin might be masking. Then we can recommend a combination of products individualized to their specific needs,” said Paladini.

67bDr. Trevor Holly Cates, located in the spa at the WALDORF ASTORIA PARK CITY is naturopathic physician and a nationally recognized health expert. When asked about how she approaches winter skin care, she said, “My focus is on achieving healthy skin from within. My recommendations are to stay well hydrated with plenty of water, eat antioxidant rich foods to prevent early aging effects, and consume healthy oils. Many types of skin benefit from an Omega-3 supplement. Also, I work on improving my client’s digestion since good digestion promotes absorption of important nutrients critical to all aspects of our health, skin included.”

SERENITY SPA in the Westgate Hotel at Canyons is one of Park City’s favorite havens of pampering and indulgence. Since the majority of their clients are skiers, their experience with treating cold-weather-worn skin is vast. Their focus is on your total well-being and attending to your mind, body, and spirit with each visit. Their acclaimed Royal Recovery package is five hours of nourishing thirsty skin with exfoliators, healing touch, rich moisturizers, and calm relaxation. To send you out looking as beautiful on the outside as you are on they inside, they also include a mani-pedi with this package.

67eSPA MONTAGE in Montage Deer Valley takes a very holistic approach to skin care. “We believe that whatever is happening in the body manifests on the face, so it is ideal to create facials that incorporate bodywork and to have the same therapist conduct both aspects of the treatment, as each informs the other,” said Spa Director, Shana Ominsky. An example of this is their Therma Stone Facial and Kur Body Wrap. You begin with a warm hydrotherapy soak and then switch to a cool, full-body Kur wrap that enhances the autoimmune system and combats fatigue. While you’re cocooned, the same therapist will use both hot and cold stones in a facial that promotes oxygen intake and brightens your skin. This heavenly contrast therapy is designed to maximize results by invigorating the body and hit a “restart button” of sorts that impacts the autoimmune system, increasing the flow of fluids and brightening the skin.

Nothing can replace a healthy diet and plenty of fresh air and exercise when it comes to taking care of our skin. However, once that’s been accomplished, a professional skin care consultant can be your skin’s best friend. Ask a Master Esthetician to recommend a moisturizer that would best suit your particular skin and never forget to use sun block while on the slopes. Hydrate until you just can’t drink any more, and then drink some more. The reward for taking this very mindful approach to caring for your skin will not only be a youthfully vibrant complexion, but good overall health too.

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