Call it luck. Call it a blessing. Call it good karma.

However we came to be in this incredible place, we are fortunate. And that feeling of gratitude is contagious once you hit the thin air up here. So, I’ll begin by saying thank you for trusting Mountain Express as your local guide to the trails, the arts, the greens, the community, the not-too-faraway getaways and the scrumptious, local flavor…

Here. We. Go.

For the adventurous (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to get outside under these cobalt skies?), our writers deliver the skinny on mountain bike rides, hikes and e-bike-able places; stunning fairways for swinging Big Bertha; and Utah’s river raft ing hotspots. Follow us into the past by reading about a trio of museums in Heber City and the story of the pioneering Stewart clan. Add color to your summer by perusing our art-infused articles—gallery tours both here and in red rock country. And, to quench any lingering wanderlust, get inspired by features on Bear Lake, Palm Springs and even international travel.

Since cuisine has always been near and dear to our hearts, allow our foodie-scribes to introduce you to local eats and libations. We cover everything from go-to vegetarian bites and summer wine pairings to al fresco dining picks and farmers’ markets. And check out our business highlights: the latest in gear and summer fashion trends, plus profiles on Right at Home (rocking consignment for 17 years) and the iridescent Pearls by Shari.

Finally, dig into the truly local scene with the latest on Park City Community Foundation and the gorgeously wild—and recently conserved open space—1,350-acre Bonanza Flat. Meet local personalities: Mayor Andy Beerman; award-winning Dr. Stephanie Singer; and three women charting empowering and enlightening courses. Last, but certainly not least, discover the new Lucky Ones coff ee shop at the Park City Library —a place where our disabled friends and neighbors work and community comes together in the most heartwarming way.

Yes, we are all—most definitely—lucky ones.


Liz Field, Publisher, Mountain Express Magazine

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