60aIn Park City, we are more focused on spring skiing rather than spring training, but over at RAMP Sports, they have a fondness for both.
Starting this season, the local ski and snowboard manufacturer is teaming up with Major League Baseball (MLB) to offer team-brand- ed skis and snowboards. A partnership that by all measures, appears to be a home run.

“We feel that the publicity and credibility we will get from the MLB association is going to be a tremendous boost to the awareness of our brand and our capabilities,” said Mike Kilchenstein, president of RAMP sports. “It opens the door to many other types of sales chan- nels, too. For example, I think it’s highly likely many of these skis and boards will be used as decorations in homes, in game rooms, kids’ rooms and the like. I also think interior decorators will be excited to use them and there will probably be some hanging up in sports bars. The possibilities are endless and at the end of the day, they are legitimate award-winning expert skis and boards you can be proud to use on the hill, or as a decoration in your home.”

60bThe MLB logoed skis and snowboards are designed, created and manufactured in the RAMP Sports’ Park City-based factory. Each piece is handmade in the USA using most advanced technology, most sustainable materials, and industry leading green practices. The products are eco-friendly and the company works to minimize its environmental boot print.

“Many popular skis and snowboards are manufactured in Asia where workers are paid $200 per month and building products with cheap materials and no environmental constraints. At RAMP, we feel certain that consumers would rather buy products built with new technology, high-end materials, clean best practices, and are made by people who love skiing and riding,” added Mike.

But RAMP skis and boards are more than just trend setting and stylish. They’ve earned a number of accolades for their performance, too. In fact, this year alone RAMP won seven magazine awards in the Gear Guide tests. Proving that when it comes to making great skis and boards, they’ve got all the bases covered.


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