An African Adventure

By Alexandra Frisch

Utah’s Hogle Zoo has been nurturing respect and appreciation towards the natural world on their 42 acres located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon since 1931. By providing diverse educational, recreational, and conservation opportunities, the zoo has seen over a million visitors in both 2012 and 2013.

Zoo spokesperson Erica Hansen is excited for this year’s anticipated opening of the new African Savanna exhibit, which will be the largest animal habitat at the zoo.

In the fall of 2012, the zoo broke ground on the new African Savanna, a mixed-species exhibit that will allow visitors the chance to roam, explore, and learn about the wild savanna. Anchoring this exhibit will be a giraffe feeding station and overlook where guests will come face-to-face with the tallest land animals and have the opportunity to feed these unique, amazing creatures.

Three female giraffes and an ostrich will be moved soon to the exhibit, where they will be joined by a male giraffe, three zebras and two young male nyalas. This approach to cohabitation of species is a first for the Hogle Zoo. The design is such that it will remain true to the natural African savanna.
The new African Savanna exhibit also signifies the return of one of the most beloved, beautiful, feared and respected animals, the king of the savanna, the African lion. The new lion habitat will be created to give the lions a naturalistic environment with numerous opportunities to view these magnificent creatures.

After the unveiling of the Savanna, the Hogle Zoo will have a new state- of-the-art exhibit to highlight all the zoo’s residents. Be sure to check out the zoo’s website for construction updates and other animal-related news.


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