By Amy Roberts

Summer is synonymous with the sizzle of a grill. But sometimes even the best backyard grill masters need a break from the open flame. So if you’re looking to let someone else do the cooking, these local smokehouses are sure to make you go hog wild for their finger-licking deliciousness.

DICKEY’S BARBEQUE PIT | Heber City, Utah No matter what kind of ‘cue your taste buds crave—mesquite, sweet & tangy, hickory or honey, you’ll be able to satisfy them at Dickey’s. Owners Sky and Cindy Galli insist it’s so good, even the local wildlife can’t resist!

“We were catering an event last summer at a park, and a mamma moose and a baby moose wondered into the action. They just laid down and kept sniffing the air, like they were considering giving up their vegetarian ways,” Cindy noted.

Luckily, moose aren’t on the menu at Dickey’s, but brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken and a variety of sausages are. The meat is smoked for 14 hours each night, making it fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your- mouth delicious.

SAMAK SMOKEHOUSE | Kamas, Utah Owners Jen Hisey and Dave Witham have been making their award-winning jerky for over 25 years at their on-site smokehouse and use only the finest, natural ingredients including Wisconsin cherry wood chips along with a few top-secret spices.

Known for their award-winning jerky, cherry-wood smoked trout and homemade snacks—all available in their quaint country store—the Samak Smokehouse is the perfect way to bookend your trip to the Uintas.

Most days in the summer you’ll find hikers, fishermen and families of happy campers relaxing at a picnic table in front of the store.

They’ve even got fishing licenses, canoe rentals and firewood for sale to make your journey into the high-county hassle free.

GOLD CREEK FARMS | Woodland, Utah When it comes to smoked foods, the menu isn’t limited to meat. Smoked cheeses are equally mouth-watering, and right here in Utah we boast two of the world’s best.

Fernando Chavez-Sandoval, the head cheese-maker at Gold Creek Farms, recently took home first and second place trophies at the World Cheese Competition for his smoked Cheddar and Parmesan. The award- winning cheeses were actually the result of an experiment gone right.

“We were just playing around with different smoking techniques, marinades and wood chips. After several attempts, we humbly submitted our cheeses and were shocked when we placed in the top spots,” Fernando said. Many of Fernando’s artisan cheeses can be found in local restaurants adding flavor to specialty dishes.

So move over Texas, and get in line, Memphis. These local smoke shops prove you don’t have to live south of the Mason- Dixon line to experience BBQ bliss.

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