Mountain | Winter Wellness
Photography provided by Blue Canyon Farm

Recognition of wellness treatments and trends continues to grow on many social media platforms, in wellness studies and more, and for good reason. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of some tender, loving care offered once the days get darker, colder and shorter?

Six area businesses provide relief from winter woes, as well as challenges presented by vacationing at higher elevations and other travel trials.

The saunas at Pure Sweat and Float Studio, located in Kimball Junction, are beneficial for many reasons including mental health. “Specifically in the winter, snow and gray days mean more people experience seasonal depression. Our warm, infrared lights help wear it off,” said owner Stacey Millhorn.

Their Sunlighten saunas have three wavelengths of infrared light: far, mid and near. “Far is good for boosting immunity and overall detoxification of things we are exposed to in our environments, therefore cleaning blood and organs from things like heavy metal and mold toxicity,” explained Millhorn. “Mid is good for fighting inflammation and muscle recovery, which we also all need from daily activities. Near light is good for collagen production throughout the body.”

If the sauna isn’t relaxing enough, try out a float. Fifteen hundred pounds of magnesium sulfate encase your body when floating effortlessly in a studio tub. This can help with proper alignment, muscle relaxation and neuro system activation and assist in any sensory deprivation, like sound simulation.

The studio offers drop-in pricing in addition to memberships, so whether you’re in town for a day or a year, there’s an option for landing an appointment.

If your body needs a deeper treatment, Structural Stretch in Park City’s Prospector Square may just be your answer. A stretch rack lifts the body up and puts it into a stretching position through straps and wraps that allow it to relax into position, more so than even a regular massage.

“I’ve been doing body work for 23 years, but I’ve always wanted to put something up to hold people in the position a bit deeper,” said Aaron Wartena, owner and inventor of Structural Stretch. “The body makes adjustments naturally, so you don’t always get the full release of a stretch. This rack basically added five to 10 extra hands able to keep your body in position.”

Each session has a different purpose, depending on the injury, rehabilitation or prehabilitation needed. If you’re only in town for a short bit, Wartena offers skier-friendly sessions as well.

“I’d recommend doing the session before skiing if you want to prepare your body, or after to recover,” Wartena said. “We’ll go through hip stretches and calf work. Increasing recovery and preventing injury is what my goal is, and you’ll ultimately see improved posture and deeper relief to the muscles.

Mountain | Winter Wellness
Photo provided by Hemped Park City

After leaving a sauna or float appointment, you’ll want to lock in all the skin benefits. Hemped Park City, located in Old Town, features an array of helpful products containing CBD. “Our bodies produce cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids,” said Marilee Scruton, owner of Hemped Park City. “The phytocannabinoids from CBD closely match the chemical
makeup of those on our body, and receptors throughout our bodies are able to absorb the CBD benefits quickly.”

By itself, CBD has lots of nourishing nutrients, but the ingredients in Hemped Park City’s CBD topicals like MCT oil and honey include other benefits for the skin, Scruton explained.

“Year round, our sugar scrubs and body oils typically sell well, but in the winter, our Everyday Skin Repair Stick and Lip Goo together are awesome,” Scruton said. “They can both be used on a daily basis and have healing properties for cuts and
sores as well.”

The hemp in these products is sourced locally in Utah as well as from Oregon or Colorado. Another local favorite, Blue Canyon Farm in Heber City, is owned by Michael and Shellie Burrow. The organic farm grows high-altitude lavender that is used to make a wide range of products. The Burrows planted more than 8,000 plants in 2023 alone and have 32 varieties of lavender.

One of the best-selling items in winter, Shellie said, is the ultimate travel kit, which includes lotion, a linen spray bottle, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm and a sashay for luggage to help infuse a pleasant scent. All items are TSA-size approved and give buyers a chance to test out multiple items at once. Because lavender can help with insomnia, dry skin, muscle relaxation and more, it makes this kit unbeatable for tourists and locals alike in the dry Utah winters.

On top of the hydrating lip balms and lotions, visitors can take Blue Canyon Farm home with culinary mixes, herbal teas, freeze-dried herbs and more, letting your Park City vacation live on.

Mountain | Winter Wellness
Photography provided by Pure Sweat and Float Studio

Most people may only think of IVs as a treatment in the emergency room when they’re sick, but IVs are available yearround at places like Prime IV Park City. One liter of IV fluid is equivalent to drinking two-and-a-half gallons of water with benefits that peak within 24 to 48 hours after receiving a drip. “Nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream 100%, as opposed to 20% of anything taken orally,” explained Megan James, owner of Prime IV Park City. “We help people with low energy, dehydration, altitude sickness and overall wellness.” The Myer’s Cocktail and Immunity Armor (both featuring B complex, vitamin C and magnesium) are the most popular drips, along with vitamin D boosts, throughout the winter, James said. Pop-ups around town are available, if you can’t make it into the Kimball Junction location, and make sure to check out Instagram for the Prime IV Park City’s injection and drip specials of the month.

“A big part of our job is educating people on what IV therapy is,” James said. “Nobody likes needles, but the people who are willing to try it notice how much better they feel after.” If the higher altitude is really impacting your trip, check out The Wellness Lounge, also in Kimball Junction, featuring an oxygen bar, BioMat, StellarWaves Crystal Light Bed, firefly light therapy and more.

“A lot of people visiting have issues with altitude and breathing, and we’re able to help them with our oxygen bar,” said April Wilson, assistant at the Wellness Lounge. “Eighty percent of your energy comes from oxygen, and only 20% comes from food and water.” Increased oxygen also boosts your immune system and serves as a natural remedy for headaches, hangovers and more.

If you’re suffering from gut issues or discomfort in your stomach from traveling, the firefly light therapy may be your best option. Think of it like an ultrasound, Wilson said, with personalized light therapy that goes layers deep. Whether you’re looking to heal an ailment, restore dry skin, address altitude sickness or just add to your overall wellness, Park City has no shortage of options.

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