Salt Lake City Museum Spotlights Innovation

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Never before or since has our world known an artist, scientist, inventor, astronomer and creative thinker in the same league as Leonardo da Vinci. The personification of creativity itself, Da Vinci has inspired generations of thinkers. “Salt Lake City’s new museum named in his honor invites guests to think and explore in ways also not typical,” explains Lisa Davis of The Leo.

So much more than a museum, The Leonardo combines science, creativity and technology to offer a dynamic hands-on, brains-on learning experience down every captivating hallway and through each exciting exhibition space.

Learning never exhausts the mind.”

–Leonardo da Vinci

As you enter the museum, get ready to be mystified by a multi-story installation that hints at artificial life and actually responds to your presence and movements. Hylozoic Ground is an incredible series of scientifically designed sculptures that continually send impulses through its neural network. Its graceful, feather-like fronds move in response to your movement while miniature flasks hold chemicals that interact with the surrounding air and gases. And it feels like you just entered the Tree of Souls in Avatar.

From the stop motion animation exhibit to the crowd- pleasing green screen display where you can star in your own creation, one visit is simply not enough.

At the interactive map exhibit, a satellite map allows you to explore foreign countries or even find your own backyard using your feet to zoom in and out of coordinates within seconds.

The Lab @ Leo offers guests an opportunity to learn from rotating artists offering all sorts of amazing workshops in their areas of expertise. The types of hands-on projects offered there are endless and have ranged from photography, topography, projects using recycled materials, origami, puppet making, portrait design and so many more.

Through Jan. 27th, the international exhibit, Da Vinci-The Genius, will be making a special stop in Salt Lake, its first in the Western U.S. This breathtaking exhibit features more than 200 pieces in 11 themed areas including Flight, Physics, Mechanics, Anatomy, Renaissance Art, Life and Times, and more. It’s a rare opportunity to discover the amazing depth of Da Vinci’s one of a kind genius.

Throughout the year, the Leo offers all sorts of stimulating workshops designed to foster creativity and innovation for all ages and interests. There are also many programs devoted to professional development for educators.

There is so much to explore at The Leo, and they are continually adding new and exciting programs and exhibits. For more information on all The Leo has to offer, please visit


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