Park City Gallery Calendar of Events – Summer/Fall 2013

6/3-7/21 Kimball Art Center. Election by John Bell. 435-649-8882
6/7-7/31 Kimball Art Center. A sheet, a gathering: Paper Work by Aimee Lee. 435-649-8882
6/12-6/13 Silver Queen Fine Art. Frank Gonzales show 6-9pm. 435-649-6555
6/27-7/4 Wasatch Plein Air Paradise, Midway, UT.
6/28 Old Towne Gallery. Joan Miro Exhibit. 435-655-3910
6/28 Park City Fine Art. Allen Lund Artist Reception. 435-649-3583
6/28 Montgomery Lee Fine Art Gallery. Miniature Showcase. Featured Artist: Jake Songer. Artist Reception 6-9pm 435-655-3264
6/28-7/23 Julie Nester Gallery. Marshall Crossman show. 435-649-7855

7/1-31 Thomas Anthony Gallery. Studies in Hyper-realism. Featured Artist: Spanish Super Realist Javier. 435-645-8078
7/5 District Gallery. ‘Organic’ by Pam Nichols. Artists Reception 6-9pm. 435-649-3445
7/6 Park City Fine Art. The Art of A.M. Stockhill. 435-649-3583
7/26 Montgomery Lee Fine Art Gallery. Painting Demonstration. Featured Artist: Jared Sanders. Artist Reception 6-9pm. 435-655-3264
7/26-8/27 Julie Nester Gallery. Jhina Alvarado and Vanessa Marsh. 435-649-7855
7/26 Gallery MAR. Fifth Anniversary Show. 435-649-3001
7/26 Park City Fine Art. Western Landscapes. 435-649-3583
7/26 Old Towne Gallery. Original Art of the Modern Masters. 435-655-3910
7/26 J GO Gallery. New Works by Carole Wade. Gallery Opening Reception. 435-649-1006
7/26-8/25 Kimball Art Center. SRAM pArt Project.
7/31 Silver Queen Fine Art. Tim Cotterill Show 6-9pm. 435-649-6555
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8/1-8/31 Thomas Anthony Gallery. Living Master Impressionist. Featured Artist: Spanish Impressionist Royo. 435-645-8078
8/2 J GO Gallery. Massively SMALL. Gallery Opening Reception. 435-649-1006
8/3 CODA Gallery 6-9pm New Works by Local Artist Melissa Peck. 435-655-3803
8/2-8/3 Park City Fine Art. Nelson Boren Exhibit. 435-649-3583
8/3-9/1 Kimball Art Center. Relevant 2013 Show.
8/27-10/13 Kimball Art Center. Member’s Pin Up.
8/30 Montgomery Lee Fine Art Gallery. Layers of Fall – Painting Demonstration. Featured Artist: Dean Bradshaw. Artist Reception 6-9pm. 435-655-3264
8/30 Park City Fine Art. Landscapes of Jim Wilcox. 435-649-3583
8/30 Old Towne Gallery. Eric Lee Show. 435-655-3910

9/7-11/3 Kimball Art Center. Painters of the Wasatch Mountains.
9/27 Montgomery Lee Fine Art Gallery. Newest Work of Steve Songer. Artist Reception 6-9pm. 435-655-3264
9/27 Park City Fine Art. Western Pop Art of Chuck Middlekauff. 435-649-3583
9/27 Old Towne Gallery. Sculpture by Mark Yale Harris. 435-655-3910

10/16-11/20 Kimball Art Center. Wounded Warrior Project.
10/25-12/1 Kimball Art Center. Soldier Boy. Soldier Girl photographs by Lynn Blodgett.
10/25 Old Towne Gallery. The Art of Picasso. 435-655-3910
10/25 Park City Fine Art. Pino Exhibit. 435-649-3583

11/4-11/11 2013 Plein Air Artist Invitational, Zion National Park. 800-635-3959

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