49bTwice a day, a black furry lump appears in the Montage Deer Valley’s sumptuous lobby surrounded by adoring hotel guests and staff. Monty, a Bernese Mountain dog, is a five-year old, gentle giant who spends days at Deer Valley’s five star hotel high on the flanks of Empire Canyon. The resort found Monty through Park City’s very own Powderkeg Kennels. “The ultimate goal of the resort was to give Monty a life outside the hotel in a strong family environment” says General Manager, Allen Highfield. The hotel executive team vetted numerous managers of the resort and selected Bob Arrivillaga and his family of five. They instantly fell in love with the hardy Swiss breed. Large enough (105 lbs.) to pull a milk cart like some of his ancestors, Monty likes attention from all ages, enjoys romping with Cora the Chocolate Lab from the ski shop, and hits Deer Valley trails often with his owner. When not entertaining guests, the big mascot lounges with hotel sales and marketing staff. Two cups daily of Life Abundance Dog Food fuel Monty’s tank along with an occasional banana, his favorite treat. Bob says he isn’t interested in fetching balls but is always ready to hike and splash in mountain streams. “Soaking wet, he looks much thinner,” says his owner. Daily brushing and good nutrition keep this friendly canine’s coat lustrous and flowing.
Greet Monty in the front lobby of the Montage Deer Valley at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily.

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