Through Eyes of Exploration

81bMANGELSEN — Images of Nature Gallery
Renowned photographer and conservationist Thomas D. Mangelsen has spent an amazing career greeting the sunrise in the farthest corners of the earth — exploring and capturing the essence of the wild through bald eagles, polar bears, Bengal tigers, African lions and more. “What you see in my pictures is what
I care about — the natural world, the animals with whom we share this planet. I am interested in bringing that experience into people’s homes, into their personal spaces, to remind them what we have to protect and care about,” said Mangelsen.

Beyond Limitations

82Springgate Photography
Architectural photographer Richard Springgate and his wife Connie have built a reputation for creating stunning photographs that capture the true spirit of the beautiful buildings and homes they bring to life. “Architectural photography is the melding of composition, lighting, and design using space, line and volume,” explains Springgate. “There are many ways to capture an image. Our objective in each image is to create an ambiance with a synergy of beautiful architecture, interior design and craftsmanship in a creative and artistic manner.”

Across Boundaries

94bSarah Winkler — Gallery MAR
“Landscape, for me, is more than a gorgeous sunset over a ridge line, but a complex history of existence, awareness, geological creation and
destruction,” explains Winkler. Using rich, bold color, along with touchable texture, she has found a way to breathe life and history into the vivid places she portrays in her naturalistic landscape paintings. “The erosion forces that carve canyons, sculpt dunes and melt glaciers are similar to those that salt, chemicals, wind and sunshine. I select and simplify the visual forms of the American Western landscape into a zen-like moment of spacious, wanderlust serenity which is how I experience its wilderness.”

Through Eyes of Discovery

83bWillie Holdman Photographs
Native Utahn Willie Holdman was first introduced to the mystery and awe of nature photography at an early age, assisting his father on photography assignments for National Geographic. He describes his exploratory style as often being on the move — looking, seeing and capturing fleeting wonders. “My desire is to do portraits of the Earth, to capture the Earth’s personality and true character,” said Holdman. “Just as people only reveal themselves on special occasions for people they know and trust, so too, does the Earth save herself for those who respect her
and are willing to make the sacrifice and journey off the beaten path…”

Beyond the Expected

84Ryoko Tajiri — J GO Gallery
“To me the human figure represents a duality between realism, the physical form, and the expressive, the psychological,” said Tajiri. “My goal is to achieve a balance between what is real and what is in my mind.” Layers upon layers of subtly shifting colors seem to reflect light in her paintings, almost like the facets of a diamond. Through an interesting blend of both figurative and abstract styles, she uses mesmerizing figures, shapes and colors to convey emotion. She explains, “My subject matter and references are taken from abstractions of ordinary environments… My paintings represent new perspectives of daily life experiences.”

Through Eyes of Wonder

85Bret Webster — Bret Webster Images
As an internationally-renowned photographer with works in foreign embassies and museums, Bret Webster has experienced the privilege of how images of nature can bring people together. For him,
it’s what he shares with people near and far, no matter how different their worlds, that really counts — a deep adoration and love of the landscape. With an uncommon artist’s background of chemical engineering and rocket science, Webster definitely has a different perspective of the natural world he so beautifully photographs. He explains, “I like capturing Earth’s beauty as if we were exploring a new planet… It seems purposeful that our existence is embraced by such incredible depth of beauty and magnificence.”

With Discriminating Focus

87bTom Carlson — Trove Gallery
Sometimes it’s more about the pieces that artists seem to almost instinctively leave out of their works that matter most. They become opportunities for viewers to fill in the blanks with their own meanings and perceptions. “My paintings often begin from a single color or form. Reducing the landscape to a transcending image resonates deep
within my methodology of painting,” explains Carlson. “Within the layers of each piece are expressions and implications of elements I find in nature. Our connection to the land is undeniable, and by reducing and simplifying the landscape I feel that I can present a different perspective of its power and mystique.”

Through Living Memories

86Cécil Hubené — Thomas Anthony Gallery
It’s so refreshing when an artist can transform private experiences into something we can appreciate far beyond its first outer appearance, allowing a rare glimpse inside the true passion behind it. The pure joy that emanates from Hubené’s paintings seems to almost burst from the bounds of her canvas. “The paintings in the Aquafauve Series are drawn from memories by way of dreams. They are meant as a joyous invitation to travel in color and light to places reminiscent of the Mediterranean, to share the grace of moments suspended in time, and celebrate life — now,” describes Hubené. “These imagined ‘sunscapes’ beckon viewers to recall fond memories of real places.”

From Prolific Perspectives

87Allen Lund — Lunds Fine Art Gallery
Perhaps explaining his extraordinary artistic talent from a young age, or the fact that he grew up in a family of artists, Lund describes how he views his world, “From mountains and trees to faces and bodies, I look at everything in multiple dimensions, and as though I’m going to paint it. I see shapes and the way things fit amongst its surrounding objects. And with color, it’s never just one, but its shadows and light and a variety of values.” Part of the allure of his work is its ability to transport you in luminous color to the beauty he discovers in the landscape, whether it’s a mountain sunset, babbling brook, or stand of trees.

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