Jon Allen, the man behind Park City’s nostalgic toy store in Kimball Junction, is unveiling his new brainchild this winter. His “PARKZARS” are 4-inch skier and snowboarder action figures in various interchangeable stances with trick sticks at their waists to imitate flight through a terrain park. “Carve, ride. Flip, twist, cork!”

Growing up on Long Island in the 70s, Jon and best friend Curt jumped garbage cans with Schwinn Stingrays, skated on plastic boards with kick tails, raced BMX bikes, and shredded winter slopes in Vermont.

Jon, his wife Jackie, and their three sons moved to Park City in 2004 to follow a long-held dream of opening a toy store stocked with “all the memories I had as a kid: skateboards, pogo sticks, army men, cap guns, rockets, Legos, and sleds.”

However stocked and mesmerizing the shelves at the store were, there was always a demand for ski, snowboard or action sport toys. “That got the wheels turning. At first I thought plastic army men in ski and snowboard themes; then I thought to bring a skill to the toy by cutting the

dude in half, inserting a trick stick, and you have control.”

Connecticut toy developer Bruce Popeck drew and sculpted. Graphics were added by Park City Ace High artist Matt Sullivan. Packaging and manufacturing were arranged by John Stone in Vail, and the patent application was submitted by Salt Lake’s Bruce Crockett. This project took two years and lots of googling.

“The more you play, the better you get!” Buy the ¼ pipe mold to create an outdoor park. A ramp, barrel, or rails are sold with a pair of dudes or betty’s, or you may purchase your figures separately.

Allen is already working on skate and surf figures due this spring.

Visit J.W. Allen and Sons Toys and Candy, 1675 Redstone Drive, Park City, Utah



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