“The deepest loneliness I have ever known is not being comfortable with myself,” said Deanna Carter. “Of all burdens, the heaviest is self-contempt.” While Deanna, a highly successful Realtor in Park City, appeared to everyone around her to be enjoying a life of gregarious happiness, on the inside she was struggling to keep it all together. Following a heart-breaking divorce, she watched her weight balloon and her health plummet. Worst of all, she couldn’t play with her twin grandsons because she just couldn’t move fast enough. “I realized that I’d come

to the brink and needed to make a decision—was I going to give up on myself, or was I going to fight my way back to being the person I knew I was. In the middle of that soul-search, I was introduced to the LiVe Well Center at Park City Medical Center,” Carter reflected.

“In today’s world, people don’t want to just survive, they want to live fully and well,” said Amy Roberts, Public Relations Director for Park City Medical Center. “We also know that health care costs will continue to soar exponentially unless we help our clients develop lifestyle habits that prevent disease and degeneration before serious health problems arise.” To fulfill this goal, PCMC developed the LiVe Well Center, a clinic available to everyone, where science and compassion converge to give clients the tools and information they need to make dramatic changes in their lives. Comprehensive health assessments using cutting edge technology provide patients with scientific test results in easy to understand formats. Individualized plans are laid out and trained professionals offer medically verified guidance on the best methods to ensure success along with a sympathetic hand in getting through the rough spots.

After nine months of working with LiVe Well, Deanna went from a size 24 to a 16 and looks forward to returning to the size 8 she pictures herself to be. But, far more important than the impressive weight loss and no longer needing medications for blood pressure or cholesterol is her rediscovery of her true self.

“I found courage and determination that I’d unintentionally buried alongside the sorrow. I didn’t do the work required to lose weight so I’d look better to others, I did it because I found a love for myself that has restored my joy of life,” beamed Carter. “I’ve been able to forgive those who hurt or judged me, offer empathy and encouragement to individuals who feel as trapped by their bodies as I did, and approach my life with an abiding happiness I never thought possible. Best of all, my grandsons now know me as a playful, energetic Grandma.”

For more information on Park City Medical Center’s LiVe Well program, call 435-333-3535, IntermountainLiveWell.org/parkcity.

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