Boris Lyubner

Our pets don’t need language—they speak volumes to us through their eyes. We know the meaning of their gazes and glances as well as we know our children’s voices. Capturing the unique personality expressed through their eyes takes a great artist whose experience and talent goes far beyond classical training. Boris Lyubner is just such an artist.

A graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Art in Russia, Lyubner has perfected his gift for portraiture during his career that spans more than two decades. What began as a gift for a friend who was grieving at the passing of her pet has become a passion for Lyubner. “To capture the essence of the sentient being behind those eyes is my passion,” says Lyubner. “My pet portraits are far more than caricatures of the breed. They literally transport the owner into the presence of their pet.”

To contact the artist directly and see more of his pet paintings please visit In Park City, you can view samples of Boris Lyubner’s work at District Gallery and F. Marks Collectables.

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