139The Park City Pet Resort is more than a full-service daycare and boarding facility for your canine and feline companions, it’s a “home away from home” and a posh place for them to play and be pampered.

Veterinarian Carl Prior saw an opportunity to re-develop the former Equine Center in Silver Creek into a much-needed pet resort with features including veterinary care, transportation (pick-up/delivery at your home or from the Park City Animal Clinic), intelligent play, and unconditional love. Dr. Prior is committed, he said, to “keeping your pets safe, happy, comfortable and content.”

The 7,000-square-foot ultra-modern facility is set on 7.5 acres. Pets are welcome for sleepovers, day care, and boarding. The boarding area is divided into suites for dogs and cats. A unique feature of the Pet Resort is that pet families can stay together. Kennels have baffling to mitigate the sound, and personalized quilts hanging from the rafters add insulation.

In keeping with the Pet Resort’s commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling, the outdoor fenced-in play areas—over 5,000 square feet— are covered with synthetic turf recycled from Harvard’s soccer field. Disposable bags are biodegradable, and chemicals used for cleaning are pet- and eco-friendly.
With a full-time kennel manager living on-site, cameras throughout the grounds and double-secured doors, your pets are in a safe environment. GPS tracking collars are even used for certain activities. But the Park City Pet Resort is also well-prepared for emergencies and, together with the Park City Animal Clinic, has access to 24-hour professional care. There is an emergency treatment room at the Pet Resort, and veterinarians are always on-call. And you can access its web-cams to check-in on them while you’re away.

Whether you spend the day working, on the slopes or travelling, the Park City Pet Resort will make sure that your pet has a p-awesome time!
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