Photo Credit: Scott Hallenberg, Surf and Snow Country Images
Written by Chelsea Severn

Few places compare to Park City, UT.

With its accessibility to all things outdoors it’s no wonder RAMP Sports made its home base here six years ago. With their patented process for building the best in skis, snowboards and long boards along with their free demo offer to the public, six years will turn into 60 before long.

Standing for Riders Artists Musicians Project (RAMP), the company takes all things that are good in life and turns them into a sweet ride. Creative Director Polly Rihm says they find musicians and athletes who are passionate about what they do, helping support the success and dreams of bands such as Guster and One Republic who have a knack for skiing and snowboarding.

RAMP also sponsors athletes such as Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarder Ross Powers and the world’s No.1 woman ski jumper Lindsay Van. While her jumping skis are a bit too long to fit in their oven, all other ripping happens on RAMP skis.

“RAMP is a very innovative brand”, says Van. “The products used to make the skis, and the way the skis are made is cutting edge. They have skis for any kind of skiing. My personal favorite is the Jailbird, a GS race ski that just rips.”

With names like Jailbird, Groundhog and Tumbleweed, one can’t help but be curious about the skis. But the name is nothing compared to the artwork Rihm creates.
With 18 new unique designs per board type annually, picking a favorite might be near impossible.

“I get most of my inspiration from the outdoors – skiing, fishing, hiking. And I try to keep the design light and happy,” says Rihm.

And while finding that happiness while perusing their website is quite easy, pure elation can be found through a tour of the whole process. Free tours are offered of the facility with Monday and Tuesday being the best days to go as that is when all the magic happens. Watching each layer build on top of the other to create the perfect, unique finish is an experience not soon to be forgotten.

RAMP has something for everyone in both ski and board build and style. A Rihm design is truly unique, but hardcore sports fans can also find their favorite NHL, NFL and MLB team adorning the tops. RAMP has also been approved to represent six different NCAA schools making a ski for every person possible.

Taking out a new pair of skis or a board is always exciting. Knowing exactly how they were made down to the very core is something beyond and it is right at Park City’s fingertips.

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