As Beautiful On the Outside as You Are on the InsideBy Annette Velarde

Philosophers and poets have told us there is no such thing as growing older—there is, as there always was, just ourselves. Many any of us feel younger at 60 than we did at 30, which is a beautiful thing. Anyone who has surmounted the trials of life should be rewarded with young-at-heart joy and zest. The challenge is to stay looking as youthful as we feel. Dr. Renato Saltz, prominent Utah plastic surgeon, conceived and built Spa Vitoria on the foundation that people deserve to look as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside. “For the first time in history, long life spans afford us a second adulthood,” said Saltz. “Many of us may live well into our nineties, and I see no reason why we can’t feel as good about our appearance at 65 as we did when we were younger.”

The decision to take care of your beauty is as personal and introspective as any other life-altering choice. Just as with every major decision, expert advice from someone you trust is vital. Patty McIntosh, Park City lead Master Esthetician for Spa Vitoria, has had over 25 years of experience in helping women choose the right skin care path for them. “When I meet a new client, I block out time in my schedule for us to just talk. It’s so important that she and I know each other as friends first, because improving how we look is a journey of the soul and genuine trust between us is essential,” said McIntosh. “You can’t love others until you really love yourself, and the things our reflections in the mirror whisper to us often keep us from loving ourselves completely. I want my clients to improve their whole lives though improving their self- image.”

Today’s advanced skin care technologies require a team of highly trained specialists. “It used to be that surgery was the only option that ensured lasting results,” Dr. Saltz went on. “Today, advanced lasers, highly effective treatments, and science-based products have made surgery only one of the many age-management options available. I have brought together a team of the most professionally accomplished estheticians in Utah to act as my collaborators in providing our clients with the best plan possible to achieve and maintain a youthful appearance.”

Spa Vitoria’s core value is intelligent, science-driven skin care. The way they accomplish their consistently wonderful results in by developing long-term relationships with well-informed clients. Saltz, McIntosh, and other team members analyze each client’s skin and appearance goals, and then pool their education, expertise and experience to produce a highly individualized protocol exclusively for that person. “The foundation of great skin always begins with a healthy daily regimen that includes diet, exercise, and cutting- edge products. Our clients leave their first appointment with information and tools that will noticeably improve their skin from day one,” said McIntosh. “After that, we will consider the benefits of lasers, peels, fillers or surgery. My clients know their options and what they can reasonably expect from each one. It’s rarely an either/or decision, but more of a ‘this now and later that’ plan.”

“I have before and after photos from many clients who have been seeing us for over a decade,” said Saltz. “These are proof positive that carefully selected cosmetic surgery and great skincare from an expert esthetician such as Patty can result in a client looking younger at the end of a decade than they did at the start. This long- term approach to age-management provides our patients with a lifetime of beauty and self-confidence.”

For more information or to book a consultation with Dr. Saltz or Patty McIntosh, visit Spa Vitoria’s website at or call 435-655-6612.

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