Local mom and entrepreneur Nicky Lecher has brought her own creative touch to the Park City community with The Paint Mixer, her store on lower Main Street. Th is art “studio” offers a novel painting experience with he ultimate take-home prize: your own masterpiece!

56bThe Paint Mixer provides all the supplies you’ll need and features step-by-step instruction by passionate and patient artists,ensuring you will leave the studio with an exclusive, personal work of art. It’s a unique opportunity to create memories, perfect for an afternoon of fun, date night, or private parties. Lecher has seen first-hand the team-building value of her guests bonding, talking and laughing while painting, and she pulls out all the stops to make each experience memorable.

Lecher initially hosted themed events where guests recreated popular masterpieces. She has since added a comprehensive array of programs, including paint by numbers and “Paint-a-Pet,” which allows guests to create works of art based on their own photo of a favorite pet.

Whether you know your way around a palette or have never picked up a brush, Th e Paint Mixer is a great place to express your inner Warhol — and have the end result to prove it!


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