Taking Your Troubles Outside

By most accounts, two of the best ways to beat the blues— from seasonal depression to a bad day at work — are talking about the issue(s) and getting some fresh air. A Park City company has combined these treatments by off ering professional therapists who take treatment sessions from the confines of an office setting to the great outdoors.

TrailTalk® is all about mobility, and its van can bring staff to whatever outside location you’d like. Their walking therapy sessions can be a one-time mood booster or a full course of treatment, and clients get the extra mental inspiration that being outside naturally provides.

The abundance of sunshine and the clean, fresh air here may be in itself enough to perk-up a dull mood, but on those days you feel like sharing, walking and talking with TrailTalk’s therapists may be just the pick-me-up you need!

Founded by Allison Page, MS2, APRN.
Pediatric and Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, 435-513-2715

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