Meet Three Women Who Use Their Unique Gifts to Empower, Encourage and Enlighten Others

What do a former Olympian, an energy healer and a psychic medium all have in common? This question might sound like the perfect setup for a punchline, but these three gifted women are no joke. From equality in sport, to channeling divine light, to solving medical mysteries—how these women make a difference is no laughing matter.

Olympian and nonprofit founder

As a three-time Olympian, Tracy Evans Land always understood that sport has the power to change lives. But it wasn’t until aft er a volunteer trip to Africa in 2008 that she began to understand sport can also change the world.

“When I was volunteering, we played soccer with the kids. The boys played aggressively around the girls, who just stood there. But when we introduced soft ball, a completely new sport the kids knew nothing about, the whole dynamic shift ed—boys and girls were learning and interacting side by side,” Tracy recalled. “It was an equal playing fi eld because there were no preconceived ideas of who should be faster, stronger or better. In just a couple weeks, we were able to shift attitudes and break down gender stereotypes.”

From that experience, Tracy returned to her home in Park City and created Kids Play International, a nonprofit dedicated to breaking down harmful social, cultural and gender barriers between boys and girls through sport and the Olympic values.

“Every day around the world, women and girls are denied access to the same opportunities men and boys have—from education to participation in social or physical activities. Kids Play International uses sport as a gender equity program, helping kids fi nd deeper ways to play, work and live together in a manner that is respectful, equitable, fair and just,” Tracy added.

To date, Kids Play International has reached over 3,000 children in the post-genocide impacted country of Rwanda, Africa.

psychic medium

Contrary to popular belief, a psychic medium can’t predict winning lottery numbers, and they don’t read your palm to tell your future. But, according to Annie Macdonald, they do read your heart. “As a psychic medium, I read your heart, or your blueprint for this lifetime and past lifetimes. Th is allows me to see your goals, hopes, dreams and desires, and provide you with healing tools to reach them.”

There’s no crystal ball or fortune telling in her sessions, rather Annie says she channels divine light, to help people realize their purpose and then achieve it.
“Medium readings are channeled from your loved ones on the other side,” she says. “They bring a sense of peace, clarity and knowingness that everything will be all right. And they’ll give you vital insights on how to release the past and that which does not serve you, and then move forward.”

Annie’s psychic powers don’t stop at people. She reads pets too. “If you’re concerned about odd behaviors, fears, anxieties or other pet-related issues, we can channel divine intuition to uncover your pet’s issue.”

certified medical intuitive healer

We’ve all heard the saying, “Mind over matter.” But for Melinda Lee, it’s more than a motto—it’s her job. Melinda is a certifi ed medical intuitive master healer, meaning she picks up where Western medicine leaves off .

“When you’re sick, you go to the doctor. He or she examines you and might give you medicine to help you get better. But sometimes, the medicine doesn’t work. Or, it just helps the symptoms but doesn’t eradicate the root cause of your illness. Th at’s where I come in,” Melinda explained.

Believing that illness is oft en a refl ection of our emotions, and our emotions can cause an imbalance in our bodies, Melinda practices Th etaHealing® and other powerful energy healing techniques with her clients.

“ThetaHealing® is a lowered brain wave and meditative technique that focuses on aligning the emotional and physical body with balance. As we shift subconscious belief systems on generational and soul levels, the physiology of the body changes to align with wholeness. It is like resetting your computer,” she described.

Melinda says her services can be used in conjunction with Western medicine to promote healing, and some techniques are even off ered in hospitals now.

In her 25 years of practice, she’s helped thousands of people with a variety of medical conditions, including genetic defects, pain syndromes, hepatitis C, Lyme disease, Epstein barr, arthritis, tumors, a variety of cancers, broken bones, herniated discs, scoliosis, kidney stones, migraines and more.

SOURCEAmy Roberts
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