Breathe Easier in Your Mountain Home with Altitude Control Technology

With innovation and altitude simulation, Altitude Control Technology oxygenates the bedroom and frees those who suddenly find themselves struggling with elevation changes.

Altitude adjustments have plagued mountain lovers and homeowners for years, and as we get older, our bodies tend to adapt to changes like altitude at even slower rates. Health challenges arise and many who have tolerated elevation for years suddenly find themselves struggling with symptoms like headaches, fatigue and insomnia. Living full-time in Park City, or maybe for months at a time, can turn into an unthinkable task given the challenging physical requirements.

Combatting the elemental changes at elevation and keeping you in your mountain home is what Altitude Control Technology is designed to do. ACT’s innovative systems were developed to bring you right back down to sea level, where oxygen is plentiful and the poor sleep, fatigue, moodiness and altitude sickness disappear with the increases in oxygen. With more than 20 years of research and development, combined with working with the U.S. Military, medical schools, research labs and universities, the technology was developed with these basic tenets —oxygenating your bedroom leads to a better night sleep, more oxygen in your body and greater energy during the day.

Many of those struggling with age-related issues at elevation have found that oxygenating their bedrooms while sleeping also allows them to stay at elevation longer and continue to reside in their mountain homes. Imitating sea-level pressures and oxygen levels overnight allows for enough oxygen-saturation during the day, freeing you to enjoy the many wonders of Park City: things like hiking, biking and skiing. With the Altitude Control Technology oxygen system, you can combat the age-related symptoms experienced with altitude adjustments and reinvigorate your mountain home once again.

SOURCEVincint Sciolla
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