By Annette Velarde

There is a way of being that can be described as unpretentious sophistication. It is an elegance and poise that radiates from within and is recognized from afar. It is Grace.

Grace Clothiers, located at 751 Main Street in Park City, is true to its name. The fine clothing collections offered are hand-selected by owner Laura Montecot-Fruth to bring her clients of every age, size, and taste the joy of knowing they look great. “I love fashion, and I love the way it can express the inner beauty of a person,” says Montecot-Fruth. “My staff and I have only one focus: to best serve our customers by showing them clothing and accessories they truly look wonderful in.” Laura doesn’t dream of owning a big chain of stores; she dreams of the smile that comes to a customer’s face every time they look at something they purchased at Grace Clothiers.

Montecot-Fruth’s expert eye, gained through over 29 years of experience in the industry, combs through the New York and European designer markets to bring pieces that are impeccably crafted and the best new trends to Park City. “Dressing well does not have to be expensive, it just needs to be selective,” Laura said. “Start with well-tailored basics like a black shell and white blouse, slacks that compliment your body, and the essential black dress. From there, any number of pieces can be added to create business attire, a fun casual look, or an elegant evening expression.” Refined summer-weight sweaters or eye-popping neon-colors can be added to make any wardrobe versatile and fresh.

Even if you’re not in the market for new clothes, the accessories at Grace Clothiers are not to be missed. World-renowned jewelry designer Julie Miles strings fresh water pearls of the highest quality to create unique pieces of wearable art. Her large baroque pearls blush in different hues of blue, pink, amber and white. Miles sometimes adds twinkling Swarovski crystals for extra flash. The collection of handbags and shoes offered at Grace is thoughtfully curated so there is something that’s perfect for everyone.

Grace Clothiers includes men in its mission to help everyone love their wardrobe. Montecot-Fruth works hard to find men’s pieces that express rugged elegance with high versatility. Jackets that convert from heavy- to light-weight, beautifully tailored shirts, and comfortable well-fitting jeans are some of the best sellers.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Grace Clothiers is its affordability. “Our clothes are selected for their beauty, comfort and style. I want everyone to own things that make them feel good about themselves because they know they look their best. I work hard to keep the prices in a range that most people can afford, to update their closet regularly,” stated Laura. “I also think that everyone should treat themselves to something really special now and then, and I have that too!”

Grace Clothiers welcomes you to come by to browse their lines from designers around the globe, and experience your own grace that radiates from within.

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