Odds are if you haven’t experienced it firsthand, someone close to you has. And it can destroy your mountain vacation or high altitude living experience—altitude sickness. From the headaches, shortness of breath and nausea, to the lack of energy you feel, it eats away at the precious time you’ve set aside for rest and relaxation, especially since insomnia is typically associated as well.

Altitude Control TechnologiesFINDING SOLUTIONS
Altitude Control Technologies (ACT) invented the very first oxygen-controlled altitude simulation in the mid 1990s, and have been the leading experts ever since.

Larry Kutt, CEO and Founding Partner of ACT, explains, “Our clients come to us looking for a way to still enjoy the mountains without all the awful symptoms that can be caused by a high-altitude environment. Our solution is simple: we restore the amount of oxygen back to sea level.” The results are not only life changing, but immediate.

As a champion Olympic cyclist, ACT’s other Founding Partner and VP of Engineering Shaun Wallace long understood the effects of altitude on performance and health. His passion and experience led to such unique applications as protecting the Star-Spangled Banner at the Smithsonian, as well as being commissioned by the Navy as their primary investigator for ongoing research and development for altitude simulation.

More than 50 medical schools and top research institutions around the world have chosen ACT’s altitude simulation system. Harvard, Mayo Clinic, the US Olympic Training Centers, US Air Force Academy and the Smithsonian are just a few who have relied on their expertise.

There are a few other companies promoting altitude sickness relief by creating environments with extra oxygen, but there are no other systems that have achieved either the impressive results or meet the standard of OSHA, the CDC and the National Fire Protection Association’s standards for high indoor air quality and safe oxygen use.

“It’s so much more than simply adding oxygen to a room,” describes Kutt. “Our system can reduce effective altitude by as much as 7,000 feet, eliminating altitude sickness and restoring restful sleep from the very first time you use it.”

ACT’s air separation technology provides oxygen to your room where sensors for oxygen, air quality and barometric pressure measure the atmosphere and send information to their controller. That amazing controller, developed through years of research by the leaders in the field, then adjusts oxygen levels based on barometric pressure to simulate sea level, while monitoring the air to meet air quality and fire safety standards.

Throughout their 24 years in business, many realtors have shared with ACT how oft en a client’s primary reason for selling a mountain second home is due to struggles with altitude sickness. Because our body’s oxygen saturation levels can be changed within 10-15 minutes of entering a room with ACT’s system, an exciting and rejuvenating mountain experience is truly available for many for the first time.

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