Alternative-pop artist Robyn Cage’s roots are in the Utah desert, and her debut album, “Born in the Desert” embodies all she loves about the area.

“Rebirth is a huge theme of the album,” Cage reveals. “I was born in the Utah desert, and metaphorically reborn when I returned to write these songs. The Utah desert is mysterious and epic with strange rock formations and lots of openness. I wanted the songs to have that same feeling, like an escape to another world that is dark but beautiful.”

Cage’s journey has led her to Boston, New York and Los Angeles, and along the way, she has accumulated a cadre of dedicated fans. Her performances have been heralded as “transcendent” and “ethereal,” and the album’s homage to her desert heritage reflects her appreciation of the majestic and the mysterious.

Cage collaborated with established producers Dan Burns and Darryl Neudorf, as well as Park City-based director Bryce Johnson. Even before its official release, “Born in the Desert” won the 2015 Utah Music Award for Best Alternative, and her music video premiered September 23rd on The video opens on a remote desert mesa near Goblin Valley, with Cage emerging from an antique claw-foot bathtub and playing an ornate 1860’s piano. Visual sequences show Cage bathed in ethereal light rays in a slot canyon and winding her way around stone goblins unique to the desert land of her birth.

Cage’s ode to her birthplace sweeps listeners — and viewers — away with her entrancing voice and stunning visualizations, for which Utah’s natural beauty plays a spectacular supporting role.

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