McMillen Fine Art Photography Captures Heart of Park City

By Laura Jackson

Located within a stone’s throw of the exact spot where they honeymooned nearly nine years ago, Trish and Jared McMillen recently embarked on another journey. Their new gallery in Redstone, McMillen Fine Art Photography, represents a beautiful union of their love of nature, photography and each other.

Trish explains that their courtship actually began around photography. They spent hours and then years traveling and sharing their love of the great outdoors, all the while sharpening their expertise on the best ways to capture it on film.

Together they developed a successful commercial and consumer photography business in Las Vegas, where they still enjoy doing a variety of portrait and editorial work. Over the last ten years their clients have included such heavyweights as Forbes, TIME, Discovery, ESPN, The New York Times, CEOs from around the country, and a mile-long list of others. But as Jared motions towards breathtaking landscapes so real you long to escape into their graceful grove of snow-covered aspens, or touch the soft water’s edge, he says, “I would still much rather capture this.” Trish agrees, “We find Mother Nature to be the ultimate celebrity.” Today, their vision of showing the purity of nature through their photographs remains a top priority, “Our goal is to let others see a picture of the beauty we witnessed exactly the way we saw it when we captured it,” said Jared.

Over the years Jared and Trish have found that their favorite way to preserve their limited edition imagery is by mounting each print behind hand-poured and polished acrylic. This method gives each image a beautiful, smooth finish in which the brilliant landscapes seem to literally pop through the surface. Their unique acrylic material is actually known to be six times clearer than glass.
The McMillens also enjoy sharing their love of photography though a wide variety of workshops hosted in their gallery, around Park City and beyond. They recently began an exciting new series called “Tips & Tricks Tuesdays”. On the first Tuesday of each month, these mini workshops are free and open to the public, and feature engaging topics designed to provide practical photography advice and inspiration.

Some upcoming workshops include Colors of Summer in Southern Utah and Fall in the Wasatch in Park City. They also offer private photography workshops custom designed to meet the needs of visitors and locals alike.

When asked why they chose Park City for their gallery, Trish remarked, “I don’t know if we could have gone anywhere else. All roads led us here.” And Park City is so lucky they did. Serendipity can be the greatest part of the journey. | 435-575-1270

McMillenFine Art Photography Park City

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