444 Main Street, Park City

By Laura Jackson

There’s a sense of mystery and intrigue in this revered historical building that once housed mining offices during Park City’s silver boom. Inside its brick walls is a vault
where the owners stored valuable silver awaiting the Wells Fargo pickup. Today, this Main Street gem houses J GO Gallery, and you’ll be more than amazed at the captivating array of art that awaits.
J GO Gallery is the result of a brilliant partnership between Jude Grenney and Curtis Olson. Grenney has been selling fine art on Park City’s Main Street since 1991, and owned Phoenix Gallery for 8 years prior to opening J GO. Before becoming one of Phoenix Gallery’s best selling artists, Olson first had a successful career in architecture. Their joint venture of experience and talent resulted in a magical combination.

An Enchanting Trio

“There are a great variety of galleries on Main Street, so we wanted to do something to set ourselves apart. Our idea was to create a collection that would appeal to a wide range of interests,” said Grenney.
At J GO, you can discover their trio of amazing art offerings including: a contemporary art collection, the Wonder Box and Sparkle & Bling.

Edgy Yet Grounded Contemporary Art

To become a part of J GO’s contemporary art collection, it’s not enough to be modern and hip, although both of those descriptions definitely fit. All of their artists construct from a finely tuned understanding of art, plus a highly developed skill set as well. Both Grenney and Olson spend time participating in national art shows around the country, strengthening their knowledge of the ever- changing art world. “There’s a lot of conceptual contemporary art we see that isn’t necessarily finely crafted,” said Grenney. “We’re trying to present contemporary art that also demonstrates superior artistic talent and technical expertise.”

The Wonder Box

Inside the mysterious, cave-like vault within the gallery is where you find the Wonder Box. Its concept is based on the 16th century tradition of curiosity cabinets. Olson explains, “These cabinets really became the precursors of modern museums.” Aristocrats would have a cabinet in their parlor with unusual objects collected by explorers from around the world for their guests to marvel at. “Back then, the objects might have been coral from a distant land or foreign insects under glass,” said Olson. At J GO, you’ll find a range of unconventional art interpretations appealing to curious guests of all ages.

Sparkle & Bling

J GO’s jewelry collection is yet another way they like to demonstrate the multifaceted sides of art. “It’s the materials used and the way our artists blend them together that blurs the line between jewelry and art,” said Grenney. Some of the more unusual materials used include reclaimed fur, stainless steel mesh and tiny parts from architectural models. Each handcrafted piece is truly a unique treasure.

Inquisitive minds are encouraged to stop by the J GO Gallery at 408 Main Street and step into an atmosphere that inspires stimulating questions and discussion about art of all sorts.

J GO Gallery | 435-649-1006 | jgogallery.com

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