I got Lola when I was in college and from then on she was right by my side through it all. The good, bad, the best and the worst. My best friend, confidant, child, forever adventure and travel partner all-in-one. We grew up together.

As they say, the mountains were calling. I bought a one-way ticket to Utah and off we went. She hiked the trails, boated the Jordanelle, camped in the desert, skied Deer Valley (yep) and dined at the best bars and restaurants Main Street has to offer. She would provide quality time to our roommates, gazing into their eyes at each meal and happily cozying up for movies and ‘couch time.’ She greatly enjoyed her job at Mountain Express while her perch overlooked my computer and the PC Hill. It’s not every day you get to be an admired mascot—she wore the title well.

Many knew her and loved her as surely the most personality-filled human in a 10-pound shihtzu body. She’d let you know how she felt. Such a presence and the absolute joy of my life.

How lucky we are to have four-legged friends. These soul connections that mean so much to those of us fortunate enough to experience it and to welcome it.

I cannot say she is gone because I think of her all the time. All the memories will remain and I think we do it right when we celebrate those we miss. We have to live well while here and she taught me just that. Appreciate the moments, really savor them. Time moves quickly. I will think of her, miss her and love her forever. Lola, my sweet love.

SOURCEMorgan Crolley
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